Badger Rescued from a Well in Hastings

A badger had to be rescued from dry well in Hastings on Sunday morning. The young badger out exploring during the night had fallen about 5ft down a dry well in a back garden in Ewhurst Close, Hastings.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) drove across to assess the situation and rescue the badger.

Duty Rescue Co-ordinators Trevor Weeks from Uckfield and Chris Riddington from Eastbourne, drove across and used a dog grasper to secure the badger before scruffing the badger and lifting it out of the well.

“The badger was one of this year’s youngsters. They are at an age when they are started to explore and a little naïve and getting themselves into trouble. This is the fourth call-out we have had to young badgers getting themselves into trouble in Hastings this year” said Trevor.

Once out of the well, the dog grasper was removed whilst Chris controlled the badger under a blanket. “As soon as I uncover the badger it shot off into the bushes suddenly released he was going in the wrong direction and turned round and run off in a hurry along a very well used badger path” said Chris “ being away from busy main roads and next to the woods it was safe for us to release straight away rather than bring in to care for a night time release.”

“It’s a good job the well was not deeper of this rescue would have been a lot harder” said Trevor, “It looks like another badger, possibly its mum had been digging around the outside of the well trying to rescue its youngster”.

East Sussex WRAS is a busy veterinary rescue charity and run entirely from donations, to find out more visit their website at where there is lots of advice and information as well as facilities to make donations.

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