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Do you remember a few weeks ago we had an urgent rescue were WRAS rescuers had to use two boats to catch loads of little ducklings after their mum was found dead in Haywards Heath? Well watch this video and see the difference in them now! What an amazing job our Care Team and volunteers have done looking after them. Watch to the end and see them excitedly play in the water pleased to be back home - it won't fail to make you smile! This is what your support and donations help us achieve, so thank you for all your continued support over the difficult past few months. » Read more

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) had an unusual call to some ducklings in a chimney, which resulted in the Fire Service coming out to assist with the rescue.

The initial report was from residents in Old Common Way Uckfield, of a duck who had nested in a false chimney and now had ducklings in there unable to get out. The residents could hear cheeping coming from the chimney and mum was flying back and forth from the neighbouring pond and the chimney, seemingly becoming more frustrated. » Read more

The 3rd May sees the start Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020.

Entries have now closed for our competition!

Hedgehogs are in serious decline, and every year East Sussex WRAS deals with more and more. In 2019 WRAS dealt with over 550 hedgehogs.

Normally during Hedgehog Awareness Week we would organise something educational but due to the Coronavirus Restrictions this hasn't been possible. » Read more

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After another busy day and evening with over 33 incidents dealt with, rescuers were about to head home and rescue call came in for 8 orphaned ducklings near Heathfield.

A lady out walking noticed the ducklings in a stream as she cross over looking down from a bridge. She monitored them for a while but there was no sign of mum anywhere. She returned home and called WRAS. She drove out to the bridge to check they were still there and there was still no mum. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out late morning today (15th April 2020) , after a mum and 11 ducklings were found wandering around a close in Roman Way, Uckfield.

When rescuers arrived, mum and 8 ducklings were wandering back and forth along a fence line trying to find a way through to get to a pond off the River Uck near Hempstead Lane. "We managed to secure open a gap in the fence for mum and ducklings to get through, but as they we did so, it quickly became apparent that there were more ducklings around as their cheaping echoed out of several drains." » Read more