Press releases

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service who are also trained British Divers Marine Life Rescue Marine Mammal Medics attended to this injured seal on Hastings beach last night.

The callers found the injured young seal with a nasty wound to it's face and rang the East Sussex WRAS's rescue line. Duty Rescue Coordinators Chris Riddington advised the caller to stand between the seal and the sea blocking it's escape path whilst rescuers rushed over from the charities base at Whitesmith. » Read more

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) had to rushed to Eastbourne Town Centre this morning after a small deer was discovered at the back of a shop.

Whilst staff were out the back of the Coffee Republic shop they inadvertently scared the deer inside the shop. Staff managed to contain the young muntjac deer in the rear section of the shop with the help of local PCSOs until rescuers arrived. » Read more

On Tuesday afternoon East Sussex WRAS received a call from a lady walking her dogs in woodland at Burwash, which turned into a very upsetting rescue.

Rescuers Trevor Weeks and Chris Riddington rushed across to Burwash where a lady had found a fallow deer injured and staggering around in the woods. Once on site rescuers managed to catch and assess the deer which had a nasty rear leg injury. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) Rescue Coordinator and British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medic Chris Riddington took a call at 8.30am this morning to reports of an injured seal on the beach at the Wish Tower Eastbourne.

Chris arrived on site and spotted the young seal on waters edge. "As I approached I could see it was underweight and acting abnormally, as I got closer it returned to the water" Chris explained "I continued to monitor the seal and keep the public away, on a busy sunny day on the seafront it was easier said then done". » Read more

Local Sussex Artist Seb Lester is helping to raise money for East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and is issuing this limited edition print called "Angry Bunny" on Friday to raise funds.

This print is a timed-release limited edition, meaning it will be available to buy in his online shop for 48 hours only. Available from 3pm BST (10am EST/ 7am PST) on Friday 4th August to 3pm BST on Sunday 6th August, 2017. The size of the edition will be determined by the number of prints sold in that time period. The prints will be available to buy worldwide and will ship on Monday 21st August. All the proceeds from this print will go to East Sussex WRAS. Seb has a soft spot for wildlife and animals in general, particularly rabbits. » Read more