Rescue news

East Sussex WRAS is experiencing its busiest year ever, especially for evening and night time rescues.

WRAS’s Duty Rescue Co-ordinators Trevor Weeks and Chris Riddington have been working  round the clock this summer to help wildlife in need.

Trevor and Chris take turns doing two weeks on and two weeks off covering the out of hours emergencies from 10pm till 9am.  “This summer has been amazingly busy for us, throughout most of May and June there was hardly a night without us being on the road till gone 1.30am.  At least once a week Trevor or I were on the road till gone 4am” said Chris. » Read more

Rescuers today had to rush to Grassington Road, not far from Eastbourne Town Hall after a male Roe Deer became trapped in a garden.

“The roe deer has been roaming this part of Eastbourne for the past few days and this area west of Eastbourne Town Hall is an area they visit from time to time” said Duty Rescue Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS). » Read more

A animal welfare charity is starting to question whether Sussex is becoming less compassionate towards wildlife after a series of cruelty incidents across the county.

Since November 2016 there have been three incidents of cruelty involving catapults in Hailsham. In the past two months there have been at least 12 shooting incidents as well as three incidents of young people throwing food into roads to encourage birds to get run over resulting in the injury of three birds.  The birds involved have included Peregrine Falcons, Gulls, Pigeons and Geese. » Read more

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) had to undertake a difficult rescue of a starling trapped inside the Brewers Fayre pub called “The Drove” in Newhaven last night (1st June 2017).

The bird had somehow managed to get inside “The Drove” and customers spent the evening watching the bird flying up high above the tables, flying from beam to beam and across to the windows looking for a way out. The bird was quickly named “Jim” Beam after the Bourbon drink being in a pub and flying around the beams. » Read more

Rescuers had a difficult duckling rescue yesterday early evening at Princes Park Eastbourne. Initial reports were of 7 ducklings abandoned on the lake swimming around without mum. Fearing that mum had left them rescuers Kai Ahmed and Chris Riddington attended on site and began to search the area. Mum had been seen the previous day with 10 ducklings but she was no long present anmnd » Read more

A resident of Snatts Lane Uckfield contacted East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) after finding faeces in a storage room on the first floor of their house. After looking online they thought the faeces belonged to a fox, but they were baffled by how any animal could have got in or what the animal was.  Senior Rescuers Trevor Weeks and Chris Riddington attended on site thinking they were going to end up looking round, surveying and giving advice.  After seeing the photo of the faeces and noticing poisoned bait placed for rodents the situation suddenly turned a lot more serious. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) has had a very busy night which has ended up this morning seeing one of its Veterinary Ambulances rush to the aid of a badly injured gull inside a dustbin next to Eastbourne Skate Park at Hampden Park. Grounds staff at the park contacted WRAS after discovering the gull still alive in the bin. When WRAS's veterinary ambulance arrived 20 minutes later the bird had sadly passed away.  Nearby two patches of feather could be seen, and it is thought that the injured Herring Gull was possibly attacked by a dog or fox and then dumped in the bin by someone passing by. » Read more

Rescuers rushed to a hedgehog in Brookside Avenue Polegate Saturday evening (27th May 2017) after a dog picked up a hedgehog in the garden.

The hedgehog was found to have a minor puncture wound on its forehead but taken back to WRAS's Casualty Care Centre for a better assessment. The hedgehog was checked over and found to be a female and pregnant. » Read more