Daryl Arrives Safely in Antigua

Congratulations Daryl Farmer for completing his Solo Atlantic crossing. What an amazing achievement. We are so proud to be associated with Daryl Farmer and he is a legend! A big thank you to his partner Sabine Grainger, her daughter Ellie and WRAS's Chris Riddington for all their hard work behind the scenes helping to raise money and for all the updates and information throughout.

Thank you to everyone at Atlantic Campaigns and the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge for all their support throughout Daryl's crossing.

Daryl has raised over £12,350 via his just giving page and Go Fund Me pages. Thank you to everyone who has donated to him and WRAS.



Its not too late to sponsor him.

So many people lost sleep last night waiting up till the early hours of the morning to watch the live streaming of Daryl arriving in Antigua and hardly a dry eye to be found! 

Below is an interview conducted with Daryl soon after his arrival in Antigua.

Here is a photographic record of Daryl's adventure so far. We understand Daryl has taken many photos and videos which we hope to share with you once he has recovered and returned home.

Daryl in his boat in La GomaraDaryl in his boat in La GomaraDaryl with his boat in La GomaraDaryl prepares to launch his boat into the seaThe sentiments of Daryl's RowDaryl sorting out all his supplies for his 90 days at sea.90 days worth of supplies including 10kg of nuts!Daryl in his boat in La Gomara
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