Orphan Season Appeal 2017

Every Spring and Summer thousands of wild animals and birds get into trouble and are in need of a little TLC. From little blue tits to fox cubs, and cygnets to baby rabbits.

Hit by cars, poisoned, caught by cats and dogs, or entangled in netting or fishing line, they need rescuing and helping. Please support WRAS at this busy time. WRAS's staff and volunteers are out there rounds the clock helping as many people and casualties as possible. But this is only possible with financial support from kind-hearted people like you, so please help us help them.

We need your help to buy teats, special dietary supplements, powdered milk replacers, incubators, cages, feeding bottles, feeding cups, cleaning equipment and utensils, as well as the costs of veterinary treatment and care, and the cost of electric, water, washing and waste disposal too. It all adds up!

if you can help support out busy Orphan Team please make a donation:

Via Our  Just Giving Page 

Via Our Paypal Giving Fund:

Via post a donation payable to "East Sussex WRAS" to:

East Sussex WRAS, Orphan Appeal 2017, PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE.

Via the phone, just pay with a debit or credit card by ringing 01825-873003 between 11am and 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

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