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WRAS founder & operations director Trevor Weeks MBE
WRAS founder & operations director Trevor Weeks MBE

WRAS currently has the following presentations which can be undertaken at schools, colleges, universities and community groups. They are subject to change and updates:

The Work of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

This is a general PowerPoint presentation, using picture and video, approximately one hour. The majority of the presentation is taken up by showing some of the casualties WRAS deals with and the situations which WRAS finds itself being called to, but it also gives some background on the charity, how it started, as well as how the organisation is run and funded.  This presentation does not show any graphic images. This presentation is updated at least twice a year to ensure that photos and videos are up to date.

This presentation has been used for adult groups but also for scouts and  other young people. This presentation does not down any graphic images.

Hedgehog Awareness

This PowerPoint presentation which includes photos and video, lasts about 1 hour. It looks specifically at hedgehogs, their ecology, where they live, population, myths, problems, hazards and what to do if you find a hedgehog and how you can help.  This presentation does not show any graphic images.

What is Wildlife Rescue?

Designed for Schools and community groups.  This is a basic presentation aimed at 7-11 year olds which lasts 30 minutes with time for questions.  It covers issue like, the difference between Wildlife and Pets, process of a rescue, number of call-outs, video clips or our ambulances and around our hospital, asks questions like "What are the most common animals rescued?" and The main causes of wildlife casualties. It shows examples of some rescues including a deer and fox cubs.  Children are shown a couple of items of equipment and asked to guess what they are used for.  It also covers what to do if you are concerned about a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal or bird. The presentation encourages respect for wildlife and to avoid domestication of wildlife.

This new talk has been used at Haven Primary School in Eastbourne.

Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.

This PowerPoint presentation includes photos and video, can be edited to last from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.  The presentation looks at the principles of Wildlife First Aid, the Production Line of Wildlife Rescue looking at everything from the initial phone call, site assessment, approach, methods of capture, hospitalisation, when to euthanase, methods of release as well as looking at various rescue situations and types of injuries dealt with. This presentation is aimed at colleges and universities and people studying animal or wildlife care courses. This presentation DOES include graphic images. Not suitable for those under 16.

These sessions can also include one of WRAS's main veterinary ambulances visiting and a tour of the vehicle, the equipment carrier and available for use on the ambulances.

Assembly, Ambulance Tour, and Educational Trailer.

WRAS is able to attend primary and secondary schools and undertake an assembly (either the "What is Wildlife Rescue" Presentation for primary or "Work of the Wildlife Rescue" for Secondary Schools) followed by a tour of one of WRAS's main ambulances looking at the equipment carried and what it is used for and then being allowed to look round WRAS's educational trailer.

This normally takes place over a morning or afternoon for approximately 3 hours.

This has been done at Forest Row Primary School, Alfriston Primary School and via Eastbourne Borough Council at Princes Park for St Anthony's School.

Video Clips:

This is an example of some of the rescues which are involved in our presentations:


Community Groups: WRAS asks for a minimum donation of £50 for talks for talks up to 1 hour.

Schools and Colleges:

30-60 minutes talks/assembly cost £60.

1-3 Hour - Ambulance Tour and Talk: We ask for a minimum donation of £100 this can either be a talk or multiple talks or an assembly, ambulance tour - over approximately 3 hours - i.e. covering 9am till 12 noon or 1pm till 4pm.

Talks for Fundraising Purposes:  If the talk is being used as a fundraiser or attendees are charged for attending the talk, WRAS asks for a minimum donation of £50 or £1 per person attending which ever is the greater.

Travel & Accommodation:  In addition to the above - for talks booked outside of East Sussex will also require travel expenses (and cheap accommodation depending of distance and start time).

If you are interested in booking a talk or presentation, please phone 01825873003.

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