Fallow Deer Stays at WRAS overnight

This young male fallow deer came into care at 1am this morning. On-call Coordinator Chris Riddington received the call just after midnight to reports of an injured deer which had been cut free from fencing in Hellingly. The finders had managed to secure the deer in their vehicle until Chris arrived. Once on site the deer was assessed and transferred to one of WRAS's stretchers and secured in the ambulance.

Chris called Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn due to their experience with deer and met them at the hospital. Trevor and Kathy were there waiting. The deer was suffering from a ligature wound just above the rear left ankle. Although down to the bone, there was plenty of skin attached and the blood supply not compromised.  The wound was cleaned and emergency first aid was given. Once calm the deer was transferred into one of WRAS's large indoor pens for the night. Chris and Trevor stayed over-night to monitor the deer.

The deer was reassessed in the morning and deer specialists Chris and Sylvia Collinson came down to the centre to see the deer which was then transported by WRAS ambulance to their facility at Chelwood Gate for rehabilitation.


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