Goose Rescue at Maresfield


Animal Rescuers had to use a drysuit and nets to catch a Canadian Goose on a pond near Maresfield on Wednesday 24th May.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to the pond after a dog walker notice the injured goose. Senior rescuer Trevor Weeks MBE waded through the water using a Dry Suit to push the injured goose towards two hiden rescuers at the far end of the pond.

“The goose clearly knew he was not able to fly so tried climbing out of the pond to get away from me, however Senior Rescuers Chris Riddington and Kathy Martyn were waiting behind the bushes to jump out and help catch the goose” said Trevor.

As the goose tried to escape over land Chris was able to get his net over the goose as it tried to get through the brambles. “Swiftly Kathy moved in to secure the goose and lift the poor bird in to the open where we could assess its injuries better” explained Trevor.

After an assessment on site it was clear the bird had a fractured wing, a damaged beak and was very underweight. “We have spoken to the Swan Sanctuary at Shepperton and they have agreed to take on the goose and treat it but sadly being a Canadian Goose it can’t be released back to the wild” said Trevor.

Back at WRAS’s Casualty Centre at Whitesmith the goose was given medication and bedded down and was soon tucking in to its food.

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