Great Crested Grebe Released at Chalvington

A Great Crested Grebe was rescued last night after being found wandering on a lane at Chalvington at 10:30pm.

The bird was picked up by passing motorist and WRAS called. The bird was soon being assessed by Trevor Weeks at East Sussex WRAS's Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith.

"Apart from some minor grazes to the birds feet I couldn't find anything else wrong. The bird was very lively and feisty and I think I ended up with worse injuries to my hand has he defensively pecked at me whilst examining him" said Trevor.

"It was certainly a very strange find for 10:30 at night. Why it was on the road is also unclear,  we are a bit baffled. The grazes to its feet imply the bird could have crash landed on the road" said Trevor, "He was certainly a very unusual patient and a noisy one at that. You could hear him all through the centre."

After being bedded down for the night the bird was reassessed in the morning and given a clean bill of health.

The bird was taken back to Chalvington and release on a lake next to where he was found on the road close to the phone box at Chalvington village.

"The bird was so noisy as I picked him up and placed him on the water but as soon as he realised he was free and could swim off he went quiet and swam off happy to be safe and free again" said Casualty Manager Chris Riddington who released the bird.


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