Hastings Badger Rescued After Falling Down Embankment

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) have been out to rescue a young badger which had fallen 20-30ft down an embankment onto a patio today.

As part of McAfee's Global Community Day Dave Gill and Kimberley Winfield attended the rescue to help WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE with the rescue as they were spending the day helping out.

Once on-site the badger was found curled up in a narrow gap between the house and the wall of the embankment.  Trevor had to squeeze down the gap with a dog grasper and blanket to secure the young Badger.

“It was difficult trying to get the dog grasper on the badger as he kept curling up tightly in ball, this is typical of badgers” said Trevor.

Eventually, the badger was caught and Trevor was able to lift the badger using the grasper and by holding the rear of the badger and lift her into a waiting cage assisted by volunteer Dave Gill.

“When Trevor carried the badger out and put her in the cage, I was surprised at how young she was. She was so cute and had an amazingly feisty attitude which was good to see” said Kimberley.

Once in the secure cage the badger was checked over by Trevor for injuries but found to be fit and well.

“Every year we get called to badgers in the Hastings area which have fallen down embankments into courtyards and gardens like this,” said Trevor, “quite often we have to bring them in for the day and release them at night as you don’t know which direction they are going to run off in.”

Climbing out of an upstairs doorway which lead onto the embankment Trevor was able to find the badgers’s set so on this occasion the badger was able to be released straight away.  So rescuers then took the badger upstairs in the house and out a higher doorway onto the embankment above. After climbing through bushes to get to a suitable release point the young badger was released to run off back to its sett which was close by.

“It wasn’t easy helping Trevor carry the badger and cage to the release point. It was really nice to see the frightened little girl run off through the bushes back to her home and I hope this ordeal with mean she will be more careful in future, this was not something I expected to be helping with today, and so glad we have been able to help WRAS today” said Dave Gill.


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