How you can help

There are many ways in which you can help us continue our vital work. We are always in need of volunteers, or if fundraising is more your thing, then we have plenty of ideas to get you started! We also offer an exclusive chance to become a hedgehog helper for a day, which you can either sign yourself up for, or give it as a present to someone special.


Bake sales are a fun, family-friendly way of raising funds!
Bake sales are a fun, family-friendly way of raising funds!

Fundraising should be fun and enjoyable first and foremost! So when thinking about possible fundraising ideas please choose something you will enjoy doing as you are likely to raise more money that way.

We have had a wide variety of events held to raise money for WRAS which have included:

  • Open gardens
  • Cake sales
  • Boot sales
  • Garage sales
  • Plant sales
  • Sponsored bike rides
  • Sponsored walks
  • Bungee jumps
  • Dress down days
  • Quiz night
Running a marathon with friends is a great way to keep fit and help WRAS
Running a marathon with friends is a great way to keep fit and help WRAS

... And much more! You just need a little imagination to make a special event!

WRAS’s Trevor Week MBE may also be available to come along and visit if he is free, so do not hesitate to contact him and he will check his diary. You are welcome to collect a pull-up banner, some leaflets and newsletters from WRAS’s Casualty Centre by arrangement too.

Here are some other ways in which you can help WRAS raise money:

WRAS' Amazon wish list

WRAS has an Amazon wish list, where you can help us save money by buying items direct to help us out. The list ranges from animal food to IT equipment.

Raise money via eBay

WRAS has an eBay shop where people can sell items and donate a percentage to WRAS, as well as WRAS selling its own items too. Simply visit us on eBay!

Savoo  Search, Save and Raise

We’re excited to announce Savoo Search, Save and Raise as our new fundraising partner, and we’d like to introduce you to this innovative way of donating. Simply use Savoo Search as your default search engine (the same way as you would your crrent search engine) and Savoo will donate 1p for every search. If you’re looking to do some online shopping and want to get a great deal, Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals that will help you save money & they will donate to East Sussex WRAS at the same time. To join click here.

Order Heating Oil and help raise money for WRAS!

East Sussex WRAS has teamed up with and when you order online a donation will be made by BoilerJuice to East Sussex WRAS to help us save even more wildlife.

 Scrap your car in aid of East Sussex WRAS

It's easy to do, just fill in the online form or call Giveacar. All they need is a couple of minutes to go through your details. Once they have your approval, they have a collection agent call you in order to arrange a convenient pick-up time. A tow truck usually arrives within 3 days to pick up your car, though in a few rare cases it may take up to 10 days. You can ensure a fast collection by also submitting an email address. Your car is sent to scrap or auction. They then donate the proceeds, after administrative costs, to East Sussex WRAS.

Sandra Palme Fine Pet Portraits

Sandra Palme is an amazing artist and really knows how to capture the true character of the pets she draws. To help support WRAS, Sandra is happy to donate to WRAS 15% of the value of any commissioned work when WRAS is mentioned. You can email Sandra for more information. Visit Sandra's website

The Spice of Life Company

10% of any order will be donated to East Sussex WRAS when placing an order with the Spice of Life Company where East Sussex WRAS is mentioned. Check out their website to see the range of gift boxes and more which are available.

Recycle your mobiles, inkjets, laser or toner cartridges

Recycling your mobile and cartridges is one of the easiest ways to raise funds. Visit the Recycle4Charity website to see how.

The Weather Lottery

The leading lottery fundraiser in the UK helps raise funds for Charity, Education, Sporting Organisations and other societies by offering a free lottery platform. Each player chooses 6 numbers between 0 and 9, inclusive. The player's chosen numbers are then matched against the second digit of temperatures in Fahrenheit in selected destinations around Europe. If a player chooses the winning numbers, they can win up to £200,000. Visit the website for more information.

Ark Wildlife affiliate scheme

Every time you shop at Ark Wildlife by going through the links on our site, they will donate 5% of your purchase to East Sussex WRAS.


You can set up your own sponsored events, in memory, marriage, birthday, celebration, or personnalised fundraising pages to help East Sussex WRAS help the thousands of animals and people who call on WRAS's service every year. Its easy to set up and fun to do. Visit WRAS' JustGiving page

Make an even bigger difference by setting up a monthly donation.

Via JustGiving you can set up an important monthly donation to WRAS. These monthly donation help make WRAS secure and help WRAS plan for the future and budget. The more people who set up monthly donations to WRAS the more people and casualties we can help and save. Donate monthly to WRAS via JustGiving

Search the web

We are pleased that has set up a  homepage for supporters using their search engine to raise funds for East Sussex WRAS. You can join them by going to the link listed below, and then selecting everyclick as your home page on your computer. Every time you log on and use to search for something on the internet you raise funds for WRAS. It is surprising how quickly those pennies turn into pounds, you can also shop and raise funds too.

Shop online

You can shop online and raise money for WRAS using You need to ensure you select East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) as your selected charity in order to help raise funds. There are also ways of raising funds completely FREE OF CHARGE for WRAS by signing up for product trails by clicking on the "Raise Funds for Free" button once logged in.

WRAS is also registered with Missionfish and eBay, so you can shop on eBay and support us! eBay for Charity

Charity gift vouchers runs a gift voucher scheme which enables 3%* of all your shopping spend to be donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you, by purchasing gift vouchers through the site! When you purchase vouchers from this site, online or by telephone, they make a donation of 3%* of the purchase value to the Charity YOU nominate. So please don’t forget to nominate East Sussex WRAS! You can purchase virtually any gift voucher through this site and donate 3%* to East Sussex WRAS! (*Tesco, J Sainsbury and ASDA currently 1%)

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Volunteering with WRAS

Thank you for taking the time look at volunteering with WRAS.  All volunteering roles are focused around our Casualty Care Centre which is based on the A22 at Whitesmith, which is between Hailsham, Uckfield and Lewes.

Below is all the information you need to know about volunteer, including where we are, how to get to us, and the various roles which are available.




You will need a vehicle to get you to our centre or alternatively you can catch the No. 54 bus which runs along the A22 from Uckfield to Eastbourne. Please be aware that buses do not run on a Sunday to our Centre.

Timetable: 54 Bus Timetable May 2016

To check for the latest timetable please visit the Stagecoach website by clicking here.

To help plan your journey by public transport please go to East Sussex County Council's journey planner site by clicking here.

Feed and clean shift volunteer

Most volunteers will begin by joining a feed and clean shift before expanding to other roles. Feed and clean shift volunteers are expected to commit to at least one shift a week, on the same day each week. Morning shifts start between 8 and 9am whilst evening shifts start at 5pm. Both shifts may last up to 3 or 4 hours depending on the number of casualties at the centre at the time. Within your role as a part of the feed and clean shift you will be expected to feed and clean the cages of casualties in care, handle wildlife casualties, including birds and mammals - training will be provided on how to do this correctly - and undertake basic cleaning including sweeping and mopping. You must be fairly mobile as some cages are fairly low to the floor so will require kneeling and bending down to reach.

Please remember that unlike domestic animals, wildlife will be frightened of humans, and therefore we need to keep our contact with them down to a minimum, keep noise and disturbance low, and handle them as little as possible.

Commitment is very important as the casualties rely on the volunteers to feed and clean them twice a day, every day, failure to turn up could jeopardise this which would be an offense under the Animal Welfare Act.

Rescue volunteer

Rescue volunteers are responsible for the collection of wildlife casualties from the wild and their transportation to the casualty care centre. In some cases the animals may already be contained, in other circumstances the rescuer is responsible for catching the casualty and restraining them ready for transportation, this can require a certain amount of rational thinking and problem solving.

New rescuers will be paired with a long standing rescuer to enable them to get some training in different aspects of rescue work including correct handling and transportation, safety equipment and to gain some general experience before undertaking rescue work alone. WRAS has rescue volunteers which work 10am-6pm or 6pm-10pm based at the casualty care centre. Volunteers will need to be able to commit to the same shift and day each week.

Rescuers need a full driving licence. Our ambulances are fully insured for anyone over 25 to drive (this is subject to change). Those under 25 would be required to use their own vehicles if they wish to be on call, but they would be restricted to the less technical rescues unless they accompany an experienced rescuer who then drives a WRAS Ambulance.

Orphan rearing team

Every year we get calls regarding hundreds of sick, injured, orphaned or abandoned baby birds. These birds require feeding from very early in the morning until late at night, sometimes as often as every 15 minutes!
In order to care for these babies, we require a team of reliable and committed volunteers. The role will involve feeding and cleaning a variety of young bird species, anything from tiny robins, to magpies and even tawny owls. You will also need to be physically fit as during the height of the season, this work can be constant. Despite the hard work, it is also extremely rewarding, and allows you to get up close to species that you may not normally see (although please be aware that it is a hands off role due to the aim to release them back in to the wild).

No previous experience is required as full training will be given, however you will need to be available between roughly April - September (although holidays are of course allowed!).

Volunteers are expected to commit to one regular shift per week, working either 7am till 10am, 10am till 2pm, 2pm till 6pm or 6pm till 10pm.

We are especially in need of weekend help.

If you are interested then please contact Lindsay via email:

Working in WRAS's Reception.

WRAS takes on volunteers to working in its new Reception area which was created in 2015. The role primarily involves answering the phone, entering information onto WRAS's Database and dealing with members of the public who turn up WRAS's Casualty Centre.

We are looking for volunteers who will togethger form cover between 9am and 6pm seven days a week. We need people to be able to do one or more shifts a week ideally 9am (or as soon after as possible) till 1:45pm,  1:15pm till 6pm, or all day, stick to the same shift and hours each week and people who are able to make a long term commitment, are good at talking on the phone and can use a computer. Training will be given on how to use WRAS's Database and how to deal with the incoming calls.

Work Experience

We regularly have students from local schools and colleges complete their work placements with us. For more information please visit the 'Educational Resources' section of the website by clicking here.

What to consider before you Volunteer:

Under the Animal Welfare Act we have a legal responsibility to ensure that the casualties in our care are looked are properly.  It is therefore important that volunteers are commited to their role and take the shared responsibility seriously.

It is advised that people have an up-to-date tetenus injection or booster. Although we don't force people to be vaccinated, it is the volunteers responsibility to ensure they are covered, stay covered or take responsibility for their health and any resulting problems as a result of not being covered by tetenus vaccination.

Please think about the following issues before you volunteer, if you wish to discuss any of these issue please feel free to raise your concerns below.

Do you have any health and mobility issues and whether the voluntary role is suitable.
Are you about to go on holiday?
Are you about to stay in hospital, have an operation, or have a baby?
Are you scared of any animals or birds?
Are you about to start a job which will cause you problems committing to you shift?
Are you about to move home and will you be able to continue volunteering as a result?

Work Placements/Experiences:

If you are interested in a Work Placement or Work Experience please see click here for more information.

Volunteer Guidelines Document:

For more detailed information about our working practices, Health & Safety,  Code of Conduct, Volunteer Agreement and our Equal Opportunities Policy please download our Volunteer Guidelines Document by clicking on the link below.

New Volunteer Guidelines Document 2017

 Apply to be a volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering for us, please send an e-mail to Kathy and Chris stating what role you are interested in and your availability.

Please e-mail

If you are able to print out and fill in this form please email it to Kathy  or bring it with you to your induction, thank you.


Please be aware that Kathy is also a volunteer and does not work full time for out charity so replies can take a couple of weeks especially during the busy spring and summer seasons.  Applications to volunteer from outside of East Sussex will not be considered.

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Become a hedgehog helper

Do you know someone who is fascinated by hedgehogs and would like to be a hedgehog carer for a morning?
Do you know someone who is fascinated by hedgehogs and would like to be a hedgehog carer for a morning?

Are you struggling to find a suitable present for someone who is mad on hedgehogs? Why not buy them a "Become a Hedgehog Helper" Gift Certificate?

We are offering people the chance to spend the morning working at WRAS feeding and cleaning our hedgehogs, getting to handle some of them, as well as learning more about these fascinating creatures. The three hour placement is a great present and is suitable for anyone over the age of 13 but those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The day is divided into 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Will be a look round the hospital where the hedgehogs are currently housed and we will show and explain how they are looked after and over wintered.
  • Stage 2: Will be to help our volunteers to catch, clean out and feed some of the hedgehogs.
  • Stage 3: Is then to sit down and look at some of the problems hedgehogs face and what you can do to help hedgehogs and to learn when they are in trouble and in need of being rescued.

If any hedgehog rescue or admissions take place during your visit you will get the chance to be involved and help out. This three hours placement is available for only a £30 for an adult. Children under 16 are just £10 per child but they must be accompanied by at least one full paying adult.  We can take up to four people at a time.  Adult groups of four will be discounted to £25 per person.

We cannot guarantee that any hedgehogs will be admitted during the time the "Helper" is present, and placements have to fit in with our regular feed and clean shifts. The placements take place at weekends.  Date are dependant on availability of volunteer instructors. The sessions take place between 10am until 1pm. We hope to make additional times available in the future.

The Experience takes place at East Sussex WRAS's Casualty Care Centre at Whitesmith, East Sussex, on the A22 between Hailsham, Lewes and Uckfield, Postcode BN8 6JD.

To book, please e-mail

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Wish List

Christmas is coming, but unfortunately our wildlife will still continue to suffer and our hard working staff and volunteers will be on duty looking after the casualties right through the festive season. Why no consider sending them a Christmas Gift  to bring a smile to their faces this winter using our Amazon Wish List.

Our Amazon WIsh List has now been updated with numerous items which we generally stock up on once a year at Christmas.  There are a number of smaller items as well as more expensive items on our list and all very much of use to our charity.

If you need to enter a delivery address please use: East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, East Sussex BN8 6JD.

Click here to visit our Amazon Wish List.

Below are some of the more expensive items which you may wish to consider if undertaking fundraising or special events to raise money for WRAS.

night-vNewton Sports Optics Hornet 5x50

Night Vision Scope with zoom.

From Wild View Camera. £201.00




Vet Direct Intensive Care Unit
Vet Direct Intensive Care Unit

ICU Fully Automated Incubator with Aerosol Nebuliser Humidity Temperature Self Sterilisation Oxygen Port.

From Vet Direct  £1450.00

Product Code: ICU001

Website: Vet Direct



Click here to visit our Amazon Wish List.

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Weather Lottery

If we can sign up 10 new members in October 2016 we will be donated £100 by the Weather Lottery to help WRAS save yet more lives!  So don't put it off sign up today!


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Give As You Live

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WRAS founder & operations director Trevor Weeks MBE
WRAS founder & operations director Trevor Weeks MBE

WRAS currently has the following presentations which can be undertaken at schools, colleges, universities and community groups:

The Work of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service

This is a general PowerPoint presentation, using picture and video, approximatley one hour. The majority of the presentation is taken up by showing some of the casualties WRAS deals with and the situations which WRAS finds itself being called to, but it also gives some background on the charity, how it started, as well as how the organisation is run and funded.  This presentation does not show any graphic images. This presentation is updated at least twice a year to ensure that photos and videos are up to date.

Hedgehog Awareness

This PowerPoint presentation which includes photos and video, lasts about 1 hour. It looks specifically at hedgehogs, their ecology, where they live, population, myths, problems, hazards and what to do if you find a hedgehog and how you can help.  This presentation does not show any graphic images.

 What is Wildlife?

This is a basic presentation aimed at 7-11 year olds and covers identification of wild animals, wild animal habitats and diets as well as common causes of illness and injury to wild animals. This talk last about 40 minutes. It also takes a look at some of the animals that WRAS has rescued previously and encourages an understanding of and empathy towards British wildlife.  It also runs through some of WRAS's longest, most dangerous and unusual rescues.

Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.

This PowerPoint presentation includes photos and video, can be edited to last from 60 minutes to 180 minutes.  The presentation looks at the principles of Wildlife First Aid, the Production Line of Wildlife Rescue looking at everything from the initial phone call, site assessment, approach, methods of capture, hospitalisation, when to euthanase, methods of release as well as looking at various rescue situations and types of injuries dealt with. This presentation is aimed at colleges and universities and people studying animal or wildlife care courses. This presentation DOES include graphic images. Not suitable for those under 16.

These sessions can also include one of WRAS's main veterinary ambulances visiting and a tour of the vehicle, the equipment carrier and available for use on the ambulances.

Assembly, Ambulance Tour, and Educational Trailer.

WRAS is able to attend primary and secondary schools and undertake an assembly (either the "What is Wildlife Presentation for primary or "Work of the Wildlife Rescue" for Secondary Schools) followed by a tour of one of WRAS's main ambulances looking at the equipment carried and what it is used for and then being allowed to look round WRAS's educational trailer.

This normally takes place over a morning or afternoon for approximately 3 hours.

Video Clips:

This is an example of some of the rescues which are involved in our presentations:


Community Groups: WRAS asks for a minimum donation of £45 for talks for talks up to 1 hour. (£50 for talks booked for after 1st January 2019)

Schools and Colleges: We ask for a minimum donation of £100 this can either be a talk or multiple talks or an assembly, ambulance tour and educational trailer - over approximately 3 hours - i.e. covering 9am till 12noon or 1pm till 4pm.

Talks for Fundraising Purposes:  If the talk is being used as a fundraiser or attendees are charged for attending the talk, WRAS asks for a minimum donation of £45 or £1 per person attending which ever is the greater.

Travel & Accomodation:  In addtional to the above - for talks booked outside of East Sussex will also require travel expenses (and cheap accommodation depending of distance and start time).

If you are interested in booking a talk or presentation, please phone 01825873003.

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Savoo - Search, Save and Raise

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service has recently partnered with on a new and exciting fundraising project. Every time you use Savoo, you can be donating to us by either searching online, or using their voucher codes & deals to save money.

We’d like to introduce you to this innovative way of donating. Simply use Savoo Search as your default search engine (the same way as you would your current search engine) and Savoo will donate 1p for every search. If you’re looking to do some online shopping and want to get a great deal, Savoo has thousands of voucher codes and deals that will help you save money & they will donate to East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service at the same time.

In order to get started and help raise money for WRAS just click the Savoo image above.


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