Midnight Fox Rescue in Brighton


East Sussex WRAS rescuer Trevor Weeks rushed to Brighton Town Centre after receiving a call about a fox which had fallen into a basement in Upper North Road Brighton, just off the Town Centre.

The fox had fallen about 15ft into a basement area, and as Trevor opened the basement door the fox jumped into an even lower basement area another 5ft down.

"In order to catch the fox I had to climb down into the lower basement, but of course as soon as I did that the fox decided to jump up back to the main basement again, leaving me to climb back up again too" said Trevor.

Trevor was then in a better position to corner the fox and catch using a dog grasper as it tried to hide behind a wooden chair.

"The rescue was not easy on my own and in the dark it was not easy to do. Eventually I managed to get the fox into a cage and secure, where I checked him over to ensure he was not injured from the original fall" said Trevor.

The owner of the house showed Trevor through the house and upstairs to the garden above, where it was then safe for the fox to be released back to the wild.

"it was good to see the fox run off again none the worse for its ordeal" said Trevor.


VIDEO: This video can be used by local media to East Sussex free of charge like BBC News, Meridian News, local radio station and newspapers etc. For all other use please contact East Sussex WRAS on 01825-873003. A version of the video without logos is available on request.

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