Pigeon Rescued from Roof of Bexhill Next Store

A Pigeon has been rescued from inside the roof of Bexhill's Next Store.  Originally there were reports of two being present but only one could be found.

Rescuers Trevor Weeks and Chris Riddington attended the store. Yesterday (Thursday) they left food and water on a window ledge to encourage the pigeons through a ceiling tile into an office. Today they returned set up a hatch which could block them into the office and prevent them from flying back into the ceiling. Amazingly with in minutes of doing so a pigeon flew through the hatch down to the window.

Trevor, hiding under a worksurface, pulled on the hatch blocking the escape route and Chris, hiding under the  office table, jumped out and quickly netted the bird.

After a check over the bird was is good enough condition to be released back outside.

The rescuers then set about trying to find the second bird. Long ladders were used to check the rest of the ceiling, they looked through various ceiling tiles, stood and listened for the sound of pattering feet but after two hours the second birds could not be seen or heard anywhere.

Staff are going to monitor the situation and report back if the second pigeon re-appears.

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