330+ Casualties – New Record for WRAS.

Our Casualty Centre is extremely busy at the moment, we are taking in as many casualties as we can. but are limited on the size and type of casualties we can take in. However this changes daily, as and when we are able to release casualties once better. We currently have over 330 casualties in care:
10 Rabbits
1 Greater Spotted Wood Pecker
10 Foxes
2 Kestrels
7 Tawny Owls
1 Chaffinch
1 Bullfinch
17 Sparrows
15 Great Tits
18 Jackdaws
14 Crows
8 Magpies
5 Swallows
1 Badger
1 Gosling
24 Blackbirds
44 Blue Tits
13 Starlings
8 Dunnocks
12 Robins
2 Gulls
14 Ducks
1 Warbler
36 Hedgehogs
21 Wood Pigeons
2 Collared Doves
43 Feral Pigeons

WRAS's rescue line is ringing almost non-stop and Rescue Co-ordinators Trevor Weeks and Chris Riddington are working really long hours trying to answer as many calls as possible on little sleep.

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2 thoughts on “330+ Casualties – New Record for WRAS.

  1. G Raven

    have been wondering for a while if it's possible to rehome hedgehogs ?
    we are based in HASTINGS & have an allotment on a large site surrounded by hedges & woodland.
    We have never seen hedgehogs there in the last 10 yrs. We do have badgers, foxes & many birds etc

    thanks for your advice

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Most of our hedgehogs are returned to the locations where they are found. We don't generally release into areas where they are no hedgehogs because they is probably a reason why you don't have hedgehogs therefore releasing them would mean those released may not survive too.


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