A Positive Gull Rescue Story

Thought you might like to see this positive gull rescue story from today to help balance out the horrors unfolding for our wildlife at the moment.

East Sussex WRAS were called first to the Beacon Shopping Centre for an adult gull trapped inside above the doors. This was swiftly rescued and released.

Then on to Winchelsea Road Eastbourne for a gull chick fallen off a roof. Luckily the roof was a suitable slant and the chick old enough to be returned and climb back up to its parents.

Then this video was taken in Sidley Road Eastbourne of returning the second gull chick to its rather ungrateful parents. Excuse the baggy PPE but due to the current Bird Flu and deaths in gulls along the coast we have to take precautions when handling and rescuing them.

At this time of year gull chicks fall off roof tops all the time. Most of the time they are uninjured and can be returned to their roof if known where they have come from. They don't need to access the nest unless only a few days old. Due to the lack of available facilities in East Sussex currently it is really important gull chicks are returned to roof tops where ever possible to avoid them coming in.

If you are able to place them out a sky light onto your roof or an extension roof of your property please do so to help them out and keep them save. Some youngsters will repeatedly jump off. If they are not injured please continue to place them back on the roof.

Please help support East Sussex WRAS by making a donation today. Reg Charity 1108880 www.wildlifeambulance.org Registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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