Autumn Appeal 2020

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2020  has been a Challenging Year at WRAS!

When many other rescue centres across the country were closing their doors or only opening for a very limited number of hours, East Sussex WRAS put measurers in place to continue providing round the clock care to its casualties and its veterinary ambulance service.

· With more people at home this year due to furlough schemes WRAS found itself being called out more than normal.

· Catted mammals and bird which would normally be found dead on returning home from work, were being seen when caught meaning WRAS was being called out more frequently.

· Over  250 more casualties were dealt with in June than any previous year.

· First year WRAS has dealt with more than 700 casualties in a single month.

· Cat attacked casualties doubled in July and dog attacked casualties trebled in May.

· Calls to disorientated casualties rose by 5 times above usual levels as people were home noticing the unusual behaviour.

· Hedgehogs reported after being seen out during the day doubled in June and July.

· Wild animals and birds being reported as trapped in drains, pipes and holes were 6 times higher between April and August compared to previous years.

· However the number of road casualties for the year is lower than this time in previous years.

Monthly and Annual rescue figures from 1st January 2014 to 10th October 2020. Figures for August, September and October are not complete.

UPDATE: This Autumn is staying busier than ever and our predicted casualty numbers for the end of year are now looking at being over 5000!

We urgently need your help to support WRAS this Autumn and throughout this winter!

Your donations will make a huge difference to our wildlife, whether you choose to make a monthly donation by standing order or a one off gift you will be supporting how we work into next year.   Thank you!

· £5 a month will help us provide pain relief to a casualty.

· £10 will pay for a fractured wing or leg to be splinted and treated.

· £20 is enough to purchase a large bag of seed to feed the birds in our care.

· £25 is enough to pay for an x-ray and sedation of a critically injured patient.

The average cost of WRAS attending a casualty on site in a veterinary ambulance, its veterinary care, rehabilitation and release back to the wild is £85.00

Thank you so much.

Please donate via our Paypal site or Justgiving Site or call 01825-873003.

Alternatively post a donation to: Autumn Appeal, East Sussex WRAS, PO Box 2148, Seaford, BN25 9DE

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