Basic First Aid and Rescue Training.

Learn the basic principles of Wildlife First Aid. Learn how you can better help when you find a wildlife casualty.

Learn the basic principles of Wildlife First Aid. Learn how you can better help when you find wildlife casualty. The course is divided into three 90-120 minute sessions which take place as either a series of three evening courses or one full day course, with PowerPoint presentations showing videos and photos plus a few practical tasks.

Session 1) Background, Health & Safety and Basic First Aid Practices and Principles.
Session 2) Wild Bird Rescue plus Amphibian & Reptile Rescue.
Session 3) Wild Mammal Rescue.

The aim of the course is show people how they can help especially in the initial stages of a rescue when you first find a casualty, and what you can do whilst waiting for a rescue service to arrive plus give you back ground on what you can do to help when they arrive. The course helps prepare people so they hopefully don’t panic and make the situation worse.

The presentations show pictures and video footage of sick and injured casualties and is not suitable for anyone of a sensitive nature nor those aged under 16. The course is not currently suitable for people who are hard of hearing or with visual impairment (although we hope to be able to run courses which are at a later date once we have obtained advice on the best way of doing so). The venue is at our Casualty Centre and involves climbing a set of stairs, unfortunately there is no lift.

Booking Essential - Limited to 6 people maximum.

LOCATION: East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD. (5 minutes north of Hailsham on the A22).

COST: £25 per person (Plus fees)


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