Press releases

A sparrowhawk became trapped inside a church in Tenterden this morning after chasing a pigeon inside for lunch.

Chris Brown was in the process of opening the church for a funeral this morning when the sparrowhawk was spotted flying around high up inside St Mildreds Church in the centre of Tenterden. Mr Brown contacted several animal rescue groups before calling East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) for help. » Read more

Staff at the Linklater Pavilion on Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust were surprised to look out their window and see a seal swimming in the Winterbourne Stream this morning. Concerned about the seal’s behaviour and that it must have come through two sluice gates to get into the stream, staff called out rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS). » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) rescuers were called out to check on a Bat Box after the oak tree it was located in fell across the lane overnight.

Trevor climbed up to the bat box but could not tell if any bats were inside, so the box was removed and lowered to the ground.  “A local resident spoke to the Sussex Bat Group and after advice from them called us out. It was not an easy box to reach, and being at an angle we couldn’t see from the ground if anything was using the box” said Trevor Weeks. » Read more

WRAS rescuers were called out to Waitrose Uckfield after a little wren was spotted flying around inside the store. When rescuers arrived the bird was no where to be seen, but rescuers hung around and their patience paid off. The bird gave rescuers the slip several times but was eventually caught by Ellie as it tried to fly along one of the aisles next to the frozen veg. The wren was checked over and found to be fit and well, so was taken outside for release. Due to Storm Ciara being so wet and blustery, the bird was released inside a conifer bush to give the bird some much needed shelter. » Read more

Big THANK YOU to everyone at Hart Reade Solicitors for raising money for our charity over the past year. Through a Homemade Biscuit Bonanza, St. Georges Day cream tea, summer and Christmas raffles and Halloween and Christmas events, and many more fun staff events they raised an amazing £895.13. Ellie and Trevor went down to thank the staff this lunch time and to collect the cheque. » Read more

WRAS rescuers rushed to Hastings this lunch time after a lady reported a gull having fallen down her chimney onto a live fire. The gull managed to flap its way out of the fire place and ended up going up some stairs where it was then shut in a room for rescuers to catch. Because the lady said she thought the gull had burns rescuers rushed to the scene after the lady said she had tried other organisations. On arrival, the gull was checked over and found not to have any burns to it's skin at all, but just some very minior feather damage. Luckily the fire was not a huge blaze. After a thorough examination the bird was released outside and allowed to fly off. » Read more