Deer Rescued from Discarded Electric Rope Heathfield.

Rescuers from East Sussex WRAS were called out to a Fallow Buck with antlers entangled in discarded electric rope off Marklye Lane Heathfield on 28th July 2022.

The antlers had cut into the velvet covering of the antlers which luckily is not too serious an issue especially as they start to rub and remove this covering in August.

These rescues are always hazardous and great care needs to be taken when dealing with them. A kick to the check or an antler in your face could cause a serious injured or be fatal.

East Sussex WRAS are well versed in dealing with such situations and from the point of capture to the point of release deer are generally released within just 15 minutes keeping the stress on the animal down to a minimum.

The deer was clearly in a fit state otherwise and once secured and cut free the deer was released to run off back into the wild.

There are currently no large deer holding and rehabilitation facilities in East Sussex, meaning that such species only have two options available either euthanised or released if fit enough.

East Sussex WRAS have launched a Crisis Appeal to help build a new Casualty Centre in East Sussex to help deal with the huge workload of casualties and to address the lack of facilities locally. We want to help improve facilities for the local wildlife, which will include a small scale large deer holding facility.

You can help support this appeal by donating at:

Reg Charity 1108880 Registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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2 thoughts on “Deer Rescued from Discarded Electric Rope Heathfield.

  1. Len Pearce

    Thanks for responding to my review.
    I was not aware of the other organisations re avian flu l apologise for the review.
    Regards Len

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      No problem we understand how stressful find sick, injured or dead wildlife can be so. If you haven't already done do, would you mind changing your review please. Thank you.


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