Ducklings “Mac and “Donald” rescued from fast food restaurant in Uckfield.

We know summer season has definitely started when we start to see the arrival of ducklings at our centre.

East Sussex WRAS dealt with its first duckling of the year on Friday (10th) with two more being in need of rescue on Saturday (11th).

The first duckling was found on its own in a garden after mum wandered off with her other babies, leaving him behind. Unfortunately mum couldn’t be found to reunite him.

Saturday we had a call to report a mum duck and her ducklings in the car park of McDonalds in Uckfield, this seems to be a regular route for a mallard to get to the river as we receive calls each year to them. She usually just needs a safe route to get across the roads and to the river.

When rescuers arrived, there was no duck family to be seen, but while checking the area they could hear peeping ducklings. Listening carefully they tracked them down to a drain at the McDonalds drive-through, where two duckling were peeping away asking for help.

Luckily, with the water level higher than normal it did not take long until they were out and safe. A huge thank you to the staff for their help and temporarily closing their drive through. Although these two ducklings have had to come into care they quickly joined, the single duckling who was pleased to have company, as they don't do very well on their own.

The ducklings from McDonalds have now been named “Mac” and “Donald”. Reg Charity 1108880

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