Duddleswell Deer Rescue

A dangerous and dramatic rescue of a Fallow Buck took place in a field at Duddleswell in East Sussex.  Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to the field on Ashdown Forest, after the land owner spotted the deer with its antlers caught in an electric rope fence.

Two veterinary ambulances attended on site along with rescuers Trevor Weeks MBE and Kathy Martyn from Uckfield, Kai Ahmed from Hellingly, Daryl Farmer from Forest Row. A walk-to-wards net was used by Trevor and Kathy to catch and secure the deer allowing Trevor to climb onto the back of the deer pinning it to the floor. Kai took over controlling the head allowing Kathy and Daryl to cut away the electric rope.

Rescues like this have to be undertaken quickly to avoid the animal becoming too stressed and having a heart attack.  Rescuers took just 10 minutes from capture to release the deer in the field.

These rescue are very dangerous, an antler hitting you in the face or a leg kicking you in the chest could cause you serious injuries or potentially be life threatening.

The caller did exactly the right thing when she found the deer and backed off slowly and kept out of view allowing the deer to settle and relax.  Anyone finding such a casualty should not attempt to cut them free and should leave the caught till rescuers arrive.  WRAS has been called to several deer this year which have become entangled for a second time after well meaning helpers have cut the netting or rope from the fence post leaving the deer to run off with rope still attached to their antlers and trailing rope behind them. These deer go on to get caught on barbed wire fences or entangled in other deer’s antler during rutting.

WRAS is a volunteer organisation and replies on donation to fund this life saving work so if anyone can help make a donation towards their work please do so at www.wildlifeambulance.org.


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