East Sussex WRAS partners with free will writting service

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) has partnered with Bequeathed - Make you will for Good.

Most of the major advances and expansions of WRAS over the years have all been funded either entirely or partially through legacies. They play a vital role in our service and the long term future and development of the charity to help the wildlife of East Sussex.

Making your will is really important.

The plans you make for your family and friends when you are no longer around to look after them are just as important as the support you give them during your life. It’s got to be a good idea to guide what happens when you die, and reduce the burden and cost to those you leave behind. Yet many people put it off – perhaps because they don’t like thinking about the end of their life, or maybe it’s a question of time or cost.

When you choose Bequeathed to make your will you get as much support as you need to complete the will interview. When you're ready, Bequeathed arrange a free 30 minute appointment with an accredited legal firm. They advise you and send your free will. 

Give yourself peace of mind, and get started on your will today. With East Sussex WRAS and Bequeathed, it’s quick, efficient and free. 

More information can be found at:http://www.bequeathed.org/eastsussexwras

You can book a video appointment with Bequeathed using this link:


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