Eastbourne Roof Top Gull Rescue

Yesterday WRAS rescuer Mark was called to Eastbourne town centre to take a look at a gull that seemed to be trapped in netting on the roof opposite Specsavers.

After viewing through binoculars to confirm that the gull was actually trapped, he called the fire service for assistance, due to the height. WRAS transit ambulances do carry ladders but nothing this tall.

They found that there was access through HSBC on to the roof where they accompanied rescuer Mark for safety reasons.

The Gull was trapped by both wings. Working underneath the netting with limited head room of just a couple of feet in places, Mark was able to approach and secure the bird. Once he had freed it from the netting and assessed it.

Mark returned to the centre for a thorough examination.Mark also attended an injured Fox in Hassocks, who had a very badly injured leg. It took some while to extract him from the hedge as he was holding on with his teeth. He was also brought back for assessment but sadly had to be put to sleep to end his suffering.

Thank you to East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service for their help and assistance.

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