Grass snake rescued after being caught in netting.

Grass Snake caught in netting.
Grass Snake caught in netting.

A grass snake was admitted to WRAS's Casualty Centre after being found on an Allotment at Tutts Barn Lane, Eastbourne.  The 2 foot long grass snake was tightly entangled. At first WRAS's Medical Team thought the netting had cut into the skin but after carefully removing the netting using a scalpel blade the snake was found to have been extremely lucky. After 24 hours in care and monitoring of the ligature mark it was decided to release the snake back down by the Tutts Barn Allotments where the snake was found.

WRAS is urging people with gardens and allotments not to leave discarded netting lying around in gardens or allotments to avoid creatures like snake and hedgehogs from becoming caught up as many are not found and die as a result.

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