Happy Easter!

Happy Easter 2021! Easter signals the start of our busiest time of year. We are already getting calls to baby birds and mammals. Every year we get thousands of little creatures coming into care, either through misadventure or being caught by predators, be them wild or domestic like cats or dogs. After strong winds nest get blown out of trees; people clearing their gardens disturb nests under sheds or in greenhouses, all of which need help and support to either return to their mum or if needed hand rearing and careful rehabilitation, so they can be released back to the wild eventually.

These casualties are some of the most time consuming we deal with causing our hard working carers to get up during the night to monitor youngsters and we have to buy various special milk supplements too. Many of them need our incubators to keep warm. Our Orphan Team are amazing at what they do.

Please support them this Easter by making a donation to help. You can make a donation via our facebook page or by clicking here.

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