Nesting Birds Are Protected

Birds are nesting at this time of year, they are protected by law and all nesting birds, eggs, young cannot be disturbed, taken or killed unless under licence from Natural England. Installation of solar panels, television aerials, roof extensions, building demolition or other non-essential works are not a valid reason for disturbing the nests, eggs or young. If you need to undertake urgent works to a roof due to a leak which could cause structural damaged etc then a licence is required in order to cause disturbance. Even Pest Control companies do not have an automatic right to disturb nesting birds and they can only use a general licence for a small group of birds, and one of the requirements of using a general licence is that alternatives and deterrence are tried first. Nests, eggs and young can’t be moved off roof tops because they are noisy, keeping you awake, pooing on a pavement, pooing on washing on a line and not for general maintenance either, except where public health and safety is at risk (this does not mean they can be moved for the safety of contractors working on the roof). Even Herring Gulls adults and young are protected and cannot be touched using a General Licence, although nests and eggs may be cleared under certain circumstances. Before clearly a nest it is advisable to speak to Natural England to ensure you are not breaking the law. Prevention is always better than cure, so once the nesting session is over it is advisable to get a builder in to erect a mesh frame over your chimney to stop birds nesting or using mesh or netting behind chimneys to prevent nests or scarecrow devices which will deter birds from nesting.

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