New home required after 2 hour rescue of boar at Kingston

A home is needed for 2 Boar rescued at Kingston near Lewes on Easter Sunday.

Pauline Grant from Sussex Horse Rescue Trust at Uckfield and Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) spent 2 hours rescuing the two Boar from a garden at Kingston Ridge, Kingston village near Lewes, East Sussex.

Sussex Police called East Sussex WRAS on Easter Sunday morning after a local resident contacted them after spotting the 2 domesticated boar roaming around his garden. He was able to trap them inside a shed before calling the Police.

"When I arrived I was surprised at how big they were at about 5ft in length. The were clearly not wild boar, but none the less I was cautious. They had damaged to their ears where ear tags had probably been ripped out and were clearly underweight too" said Trevor.

Unable to catch them on his own Trevor called for support from Pauline Grant from the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust at Uckfield who drove their horse box down to assist.

"The male boar was quite lovely and clearly more interested in the food we threw down for them than anything else and we quickly had him in the horse box but the female was much more frightened and wary, probably due to an injury to her shoulder and ear" said Pauline.

Trevor accompanied by local residents and a local farmer took about 2 hours to catch the female which was clearly frightened and wary due to her injuries.

Once loaded into the horse box they were driven back to Sussex Horse Rescue Trust's sanctuary at Hempstead Lane, Uckfield, in the middle of their Grand Open Day and left to settle down after their ordeal in the horse box away from the visitors.

"When emergencies happen you have to deal with them, Trevor clearly needed our help so I had to leave as our Grant Easter Open Day was starting. However, we were back just in time to meet celebrity cleaner Kim Woodburn" added Pauline.

"We could not have rescued these boar without the support of Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, and we are very grateful to them for their help. We don't normally respond to these types of calls but no one else was responding. I understand from talking to local residents that they have been wandering around the village since Wednesday 31st March which is about the same time we were called about some turkeys wandering around on the edge of Kingston and Lewes, we strongly believe that someone with a small holding has dumped them or let them go along with the turkeys. We are appealing for anyone with information to come forward" said Trevor.

A new home is now needed for the two boar. Their injuries are being treated by vets and currently funded by Sussex Horse Rescue Trust. If you can offer a suitable home for them please contact Pauline Grant on 01825-762010.

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Press Contacts: Pauline Grant, Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, 01825 762010
Trevor Weeks, Director, East Sussex WRAS, 07931 523958

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