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Over the last 12 months, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue (WRAS) staff and volunteers have been working exceptionally hard. In 2019 the charity dealt with over 3960 casualties!

This year the team have continued to work just as hard, and despite the Coronavirus they have managed to help over 620 people in May alone, up on last year, by looking for ways to overcome restrictions, mitigate risks, and stay safe. Thank you everyone who has helped deliver casualties and used our drop off service. Our funding is taking a hit and running costs have increased, so any financial help would be extremely appreciated. You can make a donation on our website by clicking here or click on the donate button on our facebook page.

A donation of just £5 will help pay for pain relief for a road casualty. £25 will pay for an X-ray. £50 will help keep one of our ambulances filled with fuel for a few days. Please if you can help please do so.

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