Rescuers Called to Bat Box in Hailsham

Trevor up the tree checking on the Bat Box.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) rescuers were called out to check on a Bat Box after the oak tree it was located in fell across the lane overnight.

Trevor climbed up to the bat box but could not tell if any bats were inside, so the box was removed and lowered to the ground.  “A local resident spoke to the Sussex Bat Group and after advice from them called us out. It was not an easy box to reach, and being at an angle we couldn’t see from the ground if anything was using the box” said Trevor Weeks.

The fallen tree across Little Marshfoot Lane in Hailsham

Trevor was able to climb up the tree to get to the box, but was still unable to fully check. “I used my mobile phone to try and video inside the box was it was at such a difficult angle under the branch I still couldn’t tell for sure if anything was inside. So we decided to cut the box from the trunk of the tree and lower it to the ground” added Trevor.

Once on the ground rescuer Clare Greenaway check the box and luckily couldn’t see any sign of any bats having been in or using the box “We were really pleased that there was nothing in the box, and there was no sign of anything having come out anywhere either” said Trevor.

Tree surgeons were due to attend later that day (Friday 14th February 2020) to remove the tree which was blocking access to several properties.  They were going to re-site the bat box in a neighbouring tree.

Trevor checking on the Bat Box.

“That was certainly one of the more unusual call-outs we have had in quite a while. If anyone is concerned about a roost or bats on their property there is lost information and advice on the Sussex Bat Group’s website at” said Trevor.

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