Seal Monitored on Eastbourne Beach

Several members of the public were concerned about finding a seal on the beach at Eastbourne this morning.

Both East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service and British Divers Marine Life Rescue all received calls from concerned members of the public.

Working with BDMLR, WRAS attended to assess the seal and see if it was the same as one monitored over the weekend at Seaford.

The grey seal has been popping up on our local East Sussex beaches over the last week. Although many passing people thought the seal was a baby, it was in fact more like a teenager, and certainly not dependent on its parents, and not fully grown.

"He is now back in the water but WRAS and BDMLR will work closely on keeping him safe if he comes out again. The seal is fit and well. We are asking people to respect the seal for being wild and keep their distance as well as keeping dogs under control if they see a seal on the beach" said Trevor Weeks.

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