Swans Spark Waste Oil Plea

One of the Oiled Swans from Eastbourne

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service were called out on the morning of Saturday 28th September to a pair of swans covered in waste engine oil swimming in the stream behind St Anthony’s Hill and Leeds Avenue Eastbourne.

The two swans were rescued by volunteer rescuers Andrew and Charlotte Loftus who attended in one of WRAS’s veterinary ambulances.

“The rescuers were concerned about the amount of oil on the swans and concerned that they may have digested some too” said Trevor Weeks MBE founder of WRAS.

The swans were taken to WRAS’s casualty centre where they were cleaned by WRAS’s Care Team. “We think the black sludgy oil is some form of waste oil luckily it has proven to be fairly easy to clean off using washing up liquid, and we don’t think they had been covered for very long” said Katie Nunn Nash WRAS’s Lead Casualty Manager.

The pair of swans will stay with WRAS until we are happy that their natural water proofing has full returned.

WRAS is urging people with waste engine oil to be careful how they dispose of such oil and completely avoid dumping it down road side drains where it could get into local rivers and ponds causing environmental damage. If looking to dispose of waste oil please contact your local council for a list of waste site which accept waste oil.

The pair of swans after their clean up.

This incident has been reported to the Environment Agency.

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