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Readers of the Gazette newspaper have voted for WRAS to receive a donation of £1000 from Tesco’s as part of the launch and opening of the new Tesco’s store in Hailsham. The store will be opening on 3rd November at 10am and Casualty Care Manager Tim McKenzie, Chairperson Sue Wilkinson and Founder Trevor Weeks will be at the opening of the store. » Read more

Wild animals and birds across East Sussex will benefit from a mobile phone recycling project run jointly by Envirocharities and East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

"This is a great environmentally friendly way of recycling your mobile phone and helping nature and the environment even more and saving the lives of wildlife casualties at the same time" said WRAS's founder Trevor Weeks. » Read more

Saturday 27th September the staff from the Sovereign Harbour Office helped raise £60 for WRAS by making tea and coffee for visitors to a boat jumble sale next to their offices at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne.

Trevor Weeks attended too with a display on WRAS’s work and received a lot of support and nice comments from visitors and local alike. » Read more

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service’s (WRAS) sponsored slim ended this week with Trevor Weeks losing 13.8lbs now weighing 211.6lbs and Bill Pike losing an amazing 37lbs now weighing 233lbs.

"This has been one of the hardest challenges things I have had to do, never mind rescuing whales, swimming after swans and rugby tackling deer, they’re easy, but losing weight thats been hard," said Trevor Week founder of WRAS. » Read more

WRAS Charity Companion Dog Show on Sunday 27th July raised an amazing £760 to help sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds.

The day was a great success with over 40 dogs attending the event. Local Dog Warden Gloria Gardener attended with information and advice for dog owners along with local pet store Tatty Matts as well as various Lions Club Members who agreed to help with the running of the show. » Read more

One of the most popular wildlife rescue organisations in East Sussex, has become so overloaded with the demand for call-outs and casualties coming in that it is being forced to limit the number of incidents it can deal with on a temporary basis.

So far during 2008 East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) has dealt with over 2100 incidents which is 800 incidents more than this time last year. The number of incidents is almost as high as the total number of incidents dealt with during 2007. » Read more

By kind permission of the Kennel Club, on Sunday 27th July 2008, East Sussex WRAS will be holding a companion dog show at The Dicker Village Hall on Coldharbour Road, Upper Dicker (off the A22) Hailsham. Entries are £1 from 12 noon and judging commences at 1pm. Parking is £1. There will be refreshments and a raffle plus a display by WRAS and Tatty Matts Dog Groomers and Pet Supplies. » Read more

The BBC1 television programme Animal 24:7 has been filming with WRAS and has been commissioned to film another series. WRAS are to feature in several of the programme which are due to be broadcast early in 2009.

WRAS’s main veterinary ambulance featured on the programme is available for sponsorship and costs £5,000 to run for a year. A second ambulance which is only featured in a more minor way on the programme is also available for sponsorship for £3,000 for a year. » Read more

A voluntary charity has been pushed to its limits after receiving calls about 69 incidents in 48 hours involving 76 casualties. Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday (3rd and 4th June) volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service has received calls concerning 69 incidents across the county. » Read more