Tricky Gull Rescue Eastbourne

Yesterday afternoon (17th June 2020), rescuer Ollie Long was called down to Eastbourne Seafront after a gull was seen with fishing line and a hook in its mouth.

On arrival Ollie found the bird about 4-5 metres down under the rocks on the sea shore. He could see the gull moving around underneath the rocks, but was not able to get to the bird.

He called in assistance from WRAS's Trevor Weeks. "This was a really difficult situation. We considered Ollie climbing down between the rocks but he wouldn't have been able to climb back out again" said Trevor.

The gull was able to walk around under the rocks making it difficult for rescuers to get close enough to catch. Working on the rocks they were eventually able to encourag the gull to a shallower section of rocks and pin the gull to a concrete wall using long poles and a net. The gull was slowly lifted up and secured, ending a very tricky rescue.

The hook was embedded in the lower beak and removed once at WRAS's Casualty Centre. The bird is due to be released soon once its wounds have fully healled.

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