Update on Horsey Sewer Oil Spill & Swans

Horsey Sewer Swan now cleaned up.

Over the last couple of days we have visited the sewer and spoken to the Environment Agency. The main cause of the oil spill was an over filled storage tank which leaked. The protective traps which are designed to stop the pollution from getting to the stream overflowed and the property owner has been told by the Environment Agency to undertake certain work to rectify the situation and prevent a further spillage. The Environment Agency are due to attend on Tuesday where they will remove and replace the protective boom and pads to help clear the remaining oil and any discharge from the drains after heavy rain. The four swans are doing well and ready to return but we are holding off releasing them till the situation improves. It is likely that the second pair which primarily lives in the Horsey Sewer will be released at Princes Park, but it is highly likely that they will return of their own accord at some point. The first pair will be returned to the Crumbles Sewer once we are satisfied that the risk of the oil has reduced far enough. This operation to rescue, treat, and rehabilitation these four swans has cost WRAS over £650 so far in costs.

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