Wildlife Rescue works with Fire Service to rescue entangled Gull.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service were called out to a gull entangled in netting on top of a building off Deroos Road/ Selwyn Road Eastbourne yesterday afternoon.

WRAS's transit veterinary ambulance carries ladders to help with such rescues and to avoid the Fire Service needing to respond. However, when rescuers arrived it was obvious that their ladders would not reach.

Rescuers Jen and Brian contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service and asked for assistance. Local officers from Eastbourne attended and realised their ladders would not be suitable either, so requested that the aerial platform from Hastings attend on site.

Once at roof height, offciers were able to cut the cutting to rescue the entangled gull. After noticing that a young gull chick was also on the roof the officer removed a section of the netting to allow the remaining parent safe access to its young.

Once on the ground the entangled gull was checked over by East Sussex WRAS rescuers Jen and Brian who then delivered it to the Casualty Centre at Whitesmith near Hailsham. The gull is now being treated for ligature wounds around its left leg and foot.

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