Wood Pigeon Rescue Chailey

A massive THANK YOU goes out to our dedicated staff and volunteers who are tirelessly assisting the wildlife in East Sussex. The past few weeks have been incredibly hectic and hot! The workload has been immense, with many long days and nights and minimal sleep at times. Our hospital is consistently at or around full capacity, and we sometimes need to use temporary cages when there is a backlog waiting for release.

Rescues are not always glamorous; most of the calls involve creatures like this young nestling wood pigeon that left the nest a bit early and is still too fluffy to fly, originally thought to have a broken wing. This little one is now under the care of WRAS!

Every day, animals of all sizes receive help at WRAS. Your contribution will assist us in managing the 400% increase in casualties from winter to summer at what is now the busiest wildlife hospital in East Sussex.

We kindly ask for your patience as we are overwhelmed with work and are prioritizing rescues and animal care. Therefore, there may be delays in responding to emails, administration, and non-emergency calls for now.

Your support means the world to us. Registered Charity 1108880.

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