Young Fox rescued after falling into Brighton Basement.

Friday evening East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) received a call reporting a young fox trapped in a basement lightwell in front of a house in Brighton. WRAS contacted Brighton & Hove WIldlife Advice & Rescue Service but this is not something they have had previous experience of, so we agreed to attend and help them with the rescue, in return for them keeping hold of the fox and releasing later that night.

East Sussex WRAS on-duty rescuers Trevor Weeks and Kristy Sayer attended on site in one of WRAS's veterinary ambulances and were met by Lisa Barrow from Brighton & Hove WARS. Rescuers decided not to use ladders to gain access to the fox but try and climb through the basement window.

Rescuers are always less stressful for the animal if you don't have to restrain them, so Trevor encouraged the fox to enter the cage of its own accord. This proved harder than normal so a net had to be used to encourage the fox into the cage. The fox was then taken back through the window and upstairs to WRAS's Ambulance much to the relieve of the watching local residents.

Lisa from Brighton & Hove WARS then took the fox to her home nearby for the evening, before returning at 11:30pm in order to release the young fox a a safer time of night when the surrounding roads were quieter. The fox was please to be free and ran off down the pavement to find his family. Reg Charity 1108880

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