Our wildlife need you!

WRAS helps wild animals in distress to survive and live fulfilled lives in their natural habitat. We simply would not be here if it wasn't for our dedicated Volunteers. Join our team to help give back to the British wildlife around East Sussex.

We have a variety of volunteering roles to offer, so there is something for everyone. All roles are based at our Casualty Centre in Whitesmith (near Lewes).

  • Volunteer Animal Care Assistant
  • Volunteer Rescuer
  • Volunteer Orphan Rearing Assistant
  • Volunteer Receptionist

Commitment to your volunteer role is very important. Please ensure you consider your commitment to a weekly shift and travel arrangements for getting to and from the casualty centre before applying.

Volunteer Animal Care Assistant

This is a unique opportunity for you to fulfil your passion of caring for wildlife. Our poorly, injured creatures need you to feed and water them, keep them safe in a comfortable and clean cage until they are ready to be released back into their natural habitat. It is vital that our animals receive the highest standard of care to ensure a speedy recovery and a stress free stay at our Veterinary Hospital.

The Volunteer Animal Care Assistant role involves feeding, watering, handling and providing the casualties with clean bedding, ensuring we meet their welfare needs.

The casualties need feeding and cleaning every morning and evening 7 days a week.

You must be 18 or over to volunteer, however if you are between the age of 13 and 17 you may volunteer if you are accompanied by a responsible adult.

The morning shift is 9am - 1pm and the evening shift is 5pm - 8pm. We ask for commitment to the same shift each week.

Please note; Volunteers are able to finish the shift when all the jobs are done and all animals have been cared for. Teamwork is essential. In our winter months we can end up having quite a few empty cages so the shift may finish quicker, whereas in the summer it may last longer.

Click here for the full role description for Volunteer Animal Care Assistant and the application form download is linked at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Rescuer

We receive over 5,000 calls a year to our Emergency Rescue Line. Whilst some members of public can deliver their casualty to us, we rely on Rescue Volunteer's to attend the rescue's which cannot be done by a member of public. In some cases the rescuer is responsible for catching and restraining the casualty ready for transportation. This can require a certain amount of rational thinking and problem solving. Full training and equipment will be provided.

Rescuers must be over 21 and a confident driver. Our ambulances have fully comprehensive insurance and are insured for anyone over the age of 21 to drive.

Click here for the full role description for the Volunteer Rescuer and the application form download is linked at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Orphan Rearing Assistant

(Seasonal: April-August)

Every year throughout spring and summer, WRAS sees 100's of baby birds come into care because they are sick, injured or orphaned. Some of which need feeding from early in the morning to late in the evening, as often as every 30 minutes. The orphans will range from hatchlings, nestlings and fledglings and each require their own care plan.

The Orphan Rearing Assistant role involves hand feeding the baby birds round the clock, providing fresh bedding and disinfecting cages/incubators.

Orphan Rearing volunteers must be over 18 and able to commit weekly to a set shift throughout Spring and Summer.

Depending on when we get the first influx of orphan birds come in, will be when your volunteering role will start. This is generally from March/April until August/September.

Normal Shift patterns are as follows-

  • 7am-10am Monday to Sunday
  • 10am-2pm Monday to Sunday
  • 2pm-6pm Monday to Sunday
  • 6pm-10pm Monday to Sunday

Click here for the full role description for Volunteer Orphan Rearing Assistant and the application form download is linked at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Receptionist

This is a vital and rewarding front of house position supporting our dedicated and passionate Care Team & Rescuers. You will be the welcoming face to all visitors to the WRAS Care Centre.

Providing support in a variety of administrative duties, such as answering incoming calls from members of the public, returning calls to members of the public to update them on the progress of casualties they have delivered to the centre and entering information on to our WRAS Database.

You will receive an extremely rewarding experience, your role is instrumental to assisting WRAS’s team to provide Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation to all of our wildlife casualties.

Click here for the full role description for Volunteer Receptionist and the application form download is linked at the bottom of this page.


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