24 Hour Rescue Line

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service operates a 24 Hour Emergency Rescue Line.


How does our Rescue Line Work?

Our 0300 number diverts to the Casualty Centre during the day time (9am till 6pm) but diverts to the mobile of the person on call out aside of these hours.

During the day Kristy and Amy look after the phone lines. Out of hours Katie, Karen, Trevor and Ellie look after the line.

Outside of East Sussex?

If you are outside of East Sussex try these websites for other contacts:

Hedgehog Bottom - Rescue Map:

Help Wildlife - Rescue Map:

During the Day Time:

During the day time (9am till 6pm) the Rescue Co-ordinator is normally based at our Casualty Centre, so the rescue line is diverted there making it easier to answer and also allows more than one person to answer calls when busy.

We will deal with any type of wildlife casualty during the day however minor it may appear.

During the Evenings:

During the evening (6pm till 10pm) the Rescue Co-ordinator is mobile and will either be at the Casualty Centre, at home or on the road.

We will deal with any type of wildlife casualty during the evening however minor it may appear.

During the Night and early Mornings:

During the night and early morning (10pm till 9am) the Rescue Co-ordinator is based at home but could also be at the Centre or on the road  dealing with rescues.

Between 10pm and 9am we only deal with genuine emergency calls, like road casualties. For example please don't expect us give you an update on a casualty out of hours or to deal with a uninjured fledgling bird. If in any doubt please leave a message and we will assess the urgency and call you back accordingly.

Rescuers are based at our Casualty Centre between 10am and 10pm. Outside of these hours there are only a limited number of rescuers available.


Just because you get the answerphone does not mean there is no one available to help, so please do leave a message on which ever answerphone you are diverted to, be it the Casualty Centre / Office or the Rescue Line answerphone.   Messages are often screened at night to prevent time wasters, and non-urgent out of hours calls.

Text Messages:

The rescue line is often diverted to a different mobile or landline, so text messages don't always get through. Please avoid texting the rescue line especially in an emergency.

We do send out advisory text messages, these are often done from an online message facility so still does not mean we will receive any incoming messages.

Social Media:

Please do not report casualties via social media, this frequently causes significant delays in responding. Please call the rescue line and leave a message.

Non-urgent Calls:

If you have a non-urgent call and just want advice or information about how a casualty is doing, please call the Casualty Centre direct on 01825-873003 and select option 5. Please be aware that we could be in the process of assessing a casualty or co-ordinating rescues so may not always be able to answer the phone.

How can I find out how the casualty is?

Please call the Casualty Centre on 01825-873003 and press option 2 which allows you to leave a message to find out how a casualty is. Please be aware that during busy times it may take a week to return calls

Please leave at least 7 days before calling or the casualty may not be on the database.

Please quote the reference number on the leaflet you were given when calling to help us find what has happened to your casualty.

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