Loose Change Challenge 2022

Have you ever heard of the saying “Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”?  I am a firm believer in that and a principle that I have applied to WRAS ever since its launch in 1996.

We have had to really scrimp and save over the years and many of us have had to use our own personal money so that WRAS can keep going and grow to where it is today. We are all passionate about animal welfare and our volunteers and staff work exceptionally hard to help as many casualties as they can, but it never seems enough! There are still hundreds of casualties which die needlessly or get ignored by passers by. We need WRAS to grow so that eventually not a single wildlife casualty will need to suffer in East Sussex ever again!

Therefore, for 2022 we are asking as many people as possible to take part in our Loose Change Challenge!

Enclosed you will find a small card collection box. The challenge is simple – to fill the box with your loose change and then donate the money to East Sussex WRAS!

Alternative you could challenge a friend to do so and match whatever they manage to raise in their box. If you think this is too easy, we have some larger plastic money pots now available for collection from our Charity Shop or Casualty Centre which you can use instead!

Full instructions are below of how to get the money to us safely and these posts give you some examples of how your donations will be able to help us help the wildlife of East Sussex.

The challenge is running all year. Those who complete the challenge will get a mention on our Challenge Roll of Honour on Facebook. If you take a photo of you holding your full box we will publish this on our facebook page (if you give us permission) as a thank you!

On behalf all the animals, we help every year, thank you, your support is what keeps us going and helps us expand.

Trevor Weeks MBE Founder & Operations Director

Obtaining A Box:

If you have not already been sent a box, we can post you one by calling 01825-873003 or by e-mailing hospital@eastsussexwras.org.uk.

Or you can call in at our WRAS Charity Shop at 192 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3BB or our WRAS Casualty Care Centre, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitesmith, BN8 6JD.


The boxes are simple to set up. Open the centre of the flattened box up and gently squeeze the edges so the box becomes rectangular. Fold in the tabs at both ends to secure the box. Please place one of the circular WRAS logos stickers across either end to prevent the box from opening up.

Security Label:

The circular charity label is for use when the box is full so put this somewhere safe. It should be placed over the coin slot once you have finished collecting.  

Using Your Box:

These boxes are for home use only. They must not be used publicly to collect money for East Sussex WRAS.

Returning Your Box:

Once full, you can donate the money in the following ways:

•              Hand the box in at our WRAS Charity Shop at 192 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3BB

•              Hand the box in at our Casualty Centre at Unit 2, The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitesmith, BN8 6JD. 

•              We can arrange collection from you by one of our volunteers if you are in or near one of the following towns or surrounding villages: Eastbourne, Polegate, Pevensey, Hailsham, Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes, Uckfield, Heathfield, Crowborough, and Bexhill. Collection can be arrange by calling 01825-873003.

•              Or you can pay the money in over the phone by calling 01825-873003 and using a debit or credit card – but only if you and your household are the sole donors, otherwise the box must remain sealed.

Challenging A Friend:

If you challenge a friend, please pass on this letter and instructions to them. Please ask them to write their name and address clearly on the back of the box next to your label.   Please ask them to deliver the box, once full, to us or arrange collection as above.  Please do not open the box nor tamper with the seals. As long as the details are clear on the bottom of the box we will let you and your friend know the amount raised so you can match the donation! Their name and address will only be used to acknowledge their donation, unless they express a wish to be added to our newsletter list.

Loose Change Challenge Roll of Honour!

If you would like us to thank you on Facebook, please send us a photo of you holding your box with your family or pets for fun. Please send this to hospital@eastsussexwras.org.uk stating your name and address as displayed on the bottom of the box. Once we have your box and have it counted, we will post this to social media.


If you have, any questions please feel free to call 01825-873003 or e-mail hospital@eastsussexwras.org.uk.

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