Q – Disposing of Dead Wildlife

Q - How do I dispose of dead wildlife found on my property?

A - If it is on private property then it is the landowners responsibility to deal with any disposal. Many people in the countryside opt to place dead animals in woodland or under hedgerows for nature to take it natural course and to help feel other wildlife. Some will dig holes and bury them - this should be at least 3ft deep to avoid other animals digging them up again. These options are not always appropriate especially if you live in a built up area.

Many council's will allow residents to double bag dead wildlife and place them in their wheelie bins. Please check with your local council first.

If you are registered with a veterinary practice they may be willing to dispose of some dead wildlife - this is not always free of charge.

Alternatively you can contact a pest control company who may have a licence to dispose of dead wildlife - they will normally charge for this service.

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