Terms of Use


Terms of Use

East Sussex WRAS provides its ambulance, rescue and rehabilitation service free of charge to members of the public but reserves the right to charge organisations, councils and companies.

Where a charge is to be made WRAS will make this clear before our service is used.

By handing over a casualty to WRAS finders are agreeing to pass over all legal responsibility to East Sussex WRAS. This includes WRAS being responsible for making all decisions on first aid, treatment, care, euthanasia, rehabilitation and release.

Despite being able to hold up to 350 casualties at a time at our Hospital there are occasions when our hospital is unable to accept some or all casualties. This is done to ensure animal welfare standards are high and because we are full or have limited space for casualties of a certain size and type.  When this occurs, we will recommend other organisations that may be able to help.  Where possible we will offer to help transport casualties to these other organisations if we are able to do so.

East Sussex WRAS is within its rights to exclude individuals or organisations from using its service, due to verbal or physical abuse, offensive, bullying, stalking, coercive or controlling behaviour, or any unlawful prejudice based upon gender, age, disability, religion or race.

There is no legal obligation for East Sussex WRAS to collect casualties from anyone.

East Sussex WRAS recognises that its veterinary surgeons have a responsibility to give emergency first aid when presented with wildlife casualties when they are at our Casualty Centre at Whitesmith.  When available WRAS’s Care Team (Non-Vets) will also do their utmost to give emergency first aid to casualties within the scope of the law. This includes casualties presented by excluded persons or organisations; however, there is no legal responsibility for WRAS to admit the casualties into its Centre for rehabilitation and release.

WRAS personnel, volunteers and officers aim to act with the utmost integrity and respect towards all organisations and individuals that it comes in to contact with in the course of its activities. In return WRAS expect that its staff, volunteers and officers are treated with equal respect by the organisations and individuals that it comes in to contact with on a day to day basis.

WRAS has a responsibility to inform the Police when there is evidence that a criminal offence may have occurred. It is therefore policy that WRAS reports such incidents to the Police for further investigation.

We always want to learn and develop our service, so WRAS welcomes feedback.  This can be done by e-mailing trevor@eastsussexwras.org.uk.

We appreciate that mistakes occur. In the rare occasion when a complaint is necessary, please put this in writing to East Sussex WRAS. PO Box 2148, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 9DE.

WRAS will investigate any complaints that it may receive regarding its conduct or the conduct of its staff, volunteers and officers in accordance with its policies and procedures.

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