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Do you fancy learning the basic principles of Wildlife First Aid and Rescue? Do you want to find out how you can better help when you find a wildlife casualty? Then this course is for you!

The course is either a FULL DAY or EVENING COURSE divided into three 90-120 minute sessions with PowerPoint presentations showing videos and photos plus a few practical tasks.

Session 1) Background, Health & Safety and Basic First Aid Practices and Principles.

Session 2) Wild Bird Rescue plus Amphibian & Reptile Rescue.

Session 3) Wild Mammal Rescue.

Rescuers help a badger fallen into a basement in Hastings.

The aim of the course is show people how they can help especially in the initial stages of a rescue when you first find a casualty, and what you can do whilst waiting for a rescue service to arrive plus give you back ground on what you can do to help when they arrive. It also helps people in situations where a rescue service may take a while to arrive and members of the public might need to step in and attempt capture before a rescue service arrives.

The course helps prepare people so they hopefully don’t panic and make the situation worse or make some common mistakes as well as preparing people for what the rescue service might do on arrival as you may be needed to help them with the rescue. The presentations show pictures and video footage of sick and injured casualties so it is not suitable for anyone of a sensitive nature nor those aged under 16.

What would you do if you discovered this fox?

WRAS founder Trevor Weeks MBE is running the courses. He has over 38 years experience of wildlife rescue. He has also worked from International Animal Rescue and British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

The course is not currently suitable for people who are hard of hearing or with visual impairment (although we hope to be able to run courses which are at a later date once we have obtained advice on the best way of doing so).

Rescuers use a mobile phone to look for a bird trapped in a chimney.

The venue is at our Casualty Centre and involves climbing a set of stairs, unfortunately there is no lift.

Booking Essential and Limited to 6 people maximum per course.

LOCATION: East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2 The Shaw Barn, A22, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD. (5 minutes north of Hailsham on the A22).

COST: £30 per person (plus fees).

Additional Courses will be booked, these will normally be for the 1st Saturday in the month.

Rescuers help a pigeon stuck in a drain near Heathfield.
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15 thoughts on “Wildlife Course

  1. Andy

    Just needed to thank you again for a really good course. I have spent the last 24 hours considering how it could be improved. My conclusion is , don’t change anything! It , for me is a really nice balance of information, stories and experiences. You passion and enthusiasm appears boundless! I have come away with so much more knowledge and perhaps more important , confidence in what steps to take whilst waiting for you guys to appear

  2. Abbie

    Thank you for delivering such a great course. I would really encourage anyone who looks after animals or comes across them frequently to do this course. A lot of effort has been put into its delivery and I was very happy with the knowledge I gained. I am happy there are people out there that are doing such an amazing job.

  3. Heather Meikle

    Hello. I was thoroughly engrossed on my one day course and learned a lot of how to help struggling, wounded wildlings. One main thing I learned was that all wild life matters, and there are truly amazing, dedicated people, such as Trevor and his team, who selflessly give up their time to help not only the wildlings, but also me, a helpless, concerned human.
    The course was delivered selflessly... There was a lot to cover.
    I'm in awe of the information expertly imparted, and the selfless giving of WRAS.
    THANK YOU for being there.

  4. Jane Hyde

    Attended this course in November and it was so interesting and informative the day just flew by. Well worth going along.

  5. Belinda Bleeker

    Thank you for an informative course. Trevor is very knowledgeable and experienced and East Sussex Wildlife Rescue do amazing work rescuing and looking after wildlife.

    The course was enjoyable and very interesting. Swans in pillowcases - what a clever idea.

    It would also be good to extend the course or have additional sessions for hands on opportunities for those who may be interested in volunteering but appreciate this may not be possible due to infection prevention controls and keeping wildlife calm and unstressed by humans whilst in recovery.

    Thanks again for giving up your time Trevor to deliver a lovely course. Would definitely recommend to others.

    Kind regards

  6. Julie McNamee

    Lots of fascinating facts and I think if I come across injured wildlife now I'll have a much better idea what to do.

  7. Becky Brooke

    I recently attended the full day wildlife first aid and rescue course. I thought it was fantastic. As another has mentioned it had a good balance of information and experiences. A really informative, educational and well presented course. I feel I came away with a lot more knowledge and I highly recommend this course. Can’t think of any way it could be improved

  8. Claire

    Great introductory course to basic wildlife first aid - Trevor's tuition made me feel a little less helpless! A day well spent. Highly recommend for anyone passionate about the natural world.

  9. Anita Pelling

    Hello, I would love to come and do one of your courses as I love wildlife. I have wild hedgehogs living in my garden and would love to be able to help them if they needed it. Unfortunately I don't drive so getting to your hq from Hampden Park is nigh on impossible. Do you ever run courses in town locations as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to get more engaged and hands on to help?

    1. East Sussex WRAS

      Post author

      There is the 54 bus which comes up from Eastbourne to Uckfield travelling along the A22 past us. You would need to get off at Whitesmith and walk the couple of minutes distance to our Centre.

  10. Thank you Trevor for delivering such a useful and informative course! With so many years of experience; what better to way to start your animal rescue journey!

    Perfect for anyone with a keen interest in helping animals in day to day life

    Thanks again!


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