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A dog attacked deer had to be rushed to specialist vet in Buckinghamshire last night (5 October) by volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

At about 7.30pm last night (5 October) a Crowborough resident noticed a deer at the side of their house in Coopers Lane. WRAS rescuers were on site within the hour and had the young roe deer contained. One of the organisations veterinary ambulances from Eastbourne was dispatched to help with the deer. » Read more

Volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) rushed to the aid of an injured badger at Seddlecombe near Battle yesterday (Tuesday 2nd March).

About 1.45pm owners of a small stables just south of Seddlescombe contacted WRAS after finding a badger with its rear right leg entangled in electric fencing. The power supply was switched off and the badger covered until rescuers arrived on site to help. » Read more

A voluntary charity is asking members of the public not to ignore ligature wounds after being called to a deer at 9.30pm last night (Wednesday 22nd July) at West Hoathly which had originally been found and cut free on Sunday (19th July).

"We were called out at 9.30pm to a baby fallow deer about 3 weeks old. The caller had rescued to the deer caught in stock fencing on Sunday and only found our details via the internet last night" said Trevor Weeks Rescue Co-ordinator, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS). » Read more

A baby roe deer and a baby fallow deer have both been rescued over the past 48 hours in East Sussex.

The little baby roe deer was delivered to WRAS on Sunday (28th June 2009). She had been picked up 2 days earlier near Haywards Heath by a landowner who found her in a field thought to have been abandoned. The dehydrated baby deer was given emergency treatment by East Sussex WRAS volunteers Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn before being rushed up to specialists at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire. » Read more

At 8.45am today (Thursday 21st May 2009) International Animal Rescue, based at Uckfield received a call about a male fallow deer caught in stock fencing near Maresfield. Alan Knight OBE instantly called on support from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) to help. Trevor Weeks, Kathy Martyn and Alan Knight were on site within the hour and found the deer had managed to get free by dislocating its rear left hock joint (ankle). » Read more

On Tuesday (7th October) founder Trevor Weeks was called away from a collection at Tesco's in Eastbourne to deal with a deer reported as injured and in a tributary of the River Uck at Uckfield close to the Rugby pitch. Trevor who had taken the day off work to help all day at a collection of vital funds at Tesco's in Lottbridge Drove Eastbourne had to leave and find replacement volunteers in order to help the deer and continue raising funds. » Read more

An Uckfield Veterinary Practice has helped save the life of a young female fallow deer rescued by volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

Trevor Weeks, Rescue Co-ordinator of WRAS helped by new volunteer Kathy Martyn, caught the deer at near Blackboys and transported it to Henley House Vets where veterinary surgeon Chris Hall was able to place the deer on life saving fluids and give pain relief. Due to the specialist nature of the injury the deer was rushed straight to a specialist Deer Hospital at St Tiggywinkles in Buckinghamshire where the deer in now being treated. » Read more

East Sussex WRAS had yet another baby deer come in today via Raystede Animal Welfare Centre at Ringmer. The baby fallow deer was found with its rear leg caught in stock fencing at Newick and was delivered by members of the public to Raystede. Staff at Raystede contacted East Sussex WRAS for help. » Read more

Early on Friday Morning - 20th June 2008 - a pregnant fallow deer was found on the A22 Uckfield Bypass near the East Sussex National Golf Course. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended onsite and Sussex Police even closed the A22 for safety during rush hour whilst the deer was rescued and loaded into one of WRAS’s veterinary ambulances. » Read more