Standing orders

Two young collared doves
Two young collared doves

Many people can’t afford to make very big one-off donations and prefer to donate small amounts on a regular basis which then add up to a significant amount over time.  Giving by standing order is a valuable way of helping charities like WRAS, and helps make us more financially secure.  It helps us plan for the future and budget which can be really difficult for small charities who rely on donations.

You are in full control

We only use Standing Orders, and not Direct Debits, so you and your bank are in full control of the payments. They can be set up using their online banking or by downloading a form and returning it to us to process for you with your bank.

You can download a Standing Order form by clicking here . Please print it out and return to it to East Sussex WRAS, Unit 2, The Shaw Barn, Whitesmith, East Sussex, BN8 6JD or email it to us, and we will forward it to the bank for processing.

You can also set up a standing order using your online banking. If you wish to do so please give us a call on 01825-873003.

How your support can help

Donating £1 a month
£1 is how much it costs to give a life saving antibiotic injection to a poorly hedgehog or over a year this would be enough to buy bag of hedgehog biscuits.

Donating £2.50 a month
This would pay for a tin of A/d a special prescription food which we use when feeding up emaciated hedgehogs and birds of prey. Over a year this would be enough to pay for an x-ray on a road casualty badger.

Donating £5 a month
It costs £5 to buy a trauma gauze for stopping a severely injury animal from bleeding to death. In twelve months this would be enough to buy a rescue net and extending pole.

Your support is valuable to WRAS and the casualties we help, so thank you very much for your help.

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