Work Experience

WRAS takes on work placement students from local schools and colleges including Plumpton College, Hadlow College, Animal Jobs Direct, the University of Kent and others. Students are expected to work either one day a week for a minimum of 6 months (or as required per their course instructions) or as a block placement of Monday to Friday for 1-2 weeks.

Student working hours start at 10am and finish at 6pm and include an hours lunch break. Working during the day allows students to experience and become involved with a wider range of activities carried out at the centre.  Although anyone is invited to apply for work experience, and will hopefully experience a range of activities during their placement, priority for animal related tasks will be  given to students who already volunteer with WRAS and those paying to attend as an advance work placement through Animal Jobs Direct.

Students can expect to get hands on and gain experience in handling various wildlife casualties, learn about and help with the routine feeding and cleaning of wildlife, learn about some of the common injuries and illnesses which cause casualties to be admitted into care, assist with some rescues as well as following WRAS's care team in their daily duties such as crop feeding, microscope work and basic animal treatments. Depending on the time of year during which the placement is completed, students will also gain experience with seasonal activities such as orphan rearing during spring/summer or learning about hedgehog hibernation issues andmoverwintering during autumn/winter.

All students will be supplied with a training document to support their placement which contains a lot of the theory and information behind the practical work that is completed, it will also offer further insight in to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Work experience is also open to those that are not studying at school / college and are over the age of 18. Those under 18 can only complete work experience through their school in order to be covered by their insurance.

Please find the Work Placement Student Role Description here.


You will need a vehicle to get you to our centre or alternatively you can catch the No. 54 bus which runs along the A22 from Uckfield to Eastbourne. Please be aware that buses do not run on a Sunday to our Centre.

To check for the latest timetable please visit the Stagecoach website by clicking here.

To help plan your journey by public transport please go to East Sussex County Council's journey planner site by clicking here.

Please remember that unlike domestic animals, wildlife will be frightened of humans, and therefore we need to keep our contact with them down to a minimum, keep noise and disturbance low, and handle them as little as possible.

Commitment is very important as the casualties rely on the volunteers to feed and clean them twice a day, every day, failure to turn up could jeopardise this which would be an offense under the Animal Welfare Act.

To apply for a work placement, please fill out the application form below and send it to our Volunteer and Work Placement Coordinator Ellie on

Work Placement Application Form

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