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WRAS will be holding a Bingo Night at Haisham's Civic Community Hall off Vicarage Lane, Hailsham on Saturday 6th September 2014. The first game will get underway at 7pm.

Boards are £1 each and there are ten games in total. There are various prizes to be won including High Street vouchers. There will be a bar and refreshments available and all the profits go direct to helping East Sussex WRAS help save local wildlife. » Read more

A veterinary ambulance rushed to the aid of an injured badger found in the bottom of a disused swimming pool this morning.

Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service were called out just after 8.30am this morning to help the trapped badger. On arrival rescuers Trevor Weeks MBE and Lindsay Redfern climbed down into the empty swimming pool and found the badger trying to sleep in a quite unusual position with its back to the corner of the swimming pool and tucking its head into its belly and covering its head with its legs to hide! » Read more

A mother duck and her 11 ducklings ended up having an escort through a housing estate in Hailsham this morning (Tuesday 2nd July 2013) after being found wandering round the local roads by local residents. 5 volunteers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended on site to help the family get to their home safely. » Read more

Volunteer rescuers from Uckfield and Polegate rushed to the aid of a young juvenile female roe deer caught in stock fencing in Abbots Wood, Arlington near Hailsham on Saturday morning.

Several dog walkers discovered the young deer weighing about 18kg caught in stock fencing in the popular Abbots Wood. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) send the local ambulance from Polegate to the scene and despatched the specialist large animal ambulance from Uckfield too. » Read more

A badger was left confused and scared after falling into an empty swimming pool at a farm near Hailsham today (28th April). Rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended on site to find the badger had made itself at home in some vegetation at the corner of the empty swimming pool. » Read more

While many people were tucking into their Christmas Day dinner WRAS volunteer rescuers Trevor Weeks and Kathy Martyn were responding to a call-out by Sussex Police. The call was to a goose found wandering around South Road in Hailsham at about 12.30pm. » Read more

Readers of the Gazette newspaper have voted for WRAS to receive a donation of £1000 from Tesco’s as part of the launch and opening of the new Tesco’s store in Hailsham. The store will be opening on 3rd November at 10am and Casualty Care Manager Tim McKenzie, Chairperson Sue Wilkinson and Founder Trevor Weeks will be at the opening of the store. » Read more

By kind permission of the Kennel Club, on Sunday 27th July 2008, East Sussex WRAS will be holding a companion dog show at The Dicker Village Hall on Coldharbour Road, Upper Dicker (off the A22) Hailsham. Entries are £1 from 12 noon and judging commences at 1pm. Parking is £1. There will be refreshments and a raffle plus a display by WRAS and Tatty Matts Dog Groomers and Pet Supplies. » Read more

Early on Friday Morning - 20th June 2008 - a pregnant fallow deer was found on the A22 Uckfield Bypass near the East Sussex National Golf Course. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended onsite and Sussex Police even closed the A22 for safety during rush hour whilst the deer was rescued and loaded into one of WRAS’s veterinary ambulances. » Read more