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There is a huge wildlife crisis in East Sussex right now. With Rogers Wildlife Rescue permanently closed, others smaller set ups closing, or having been temporarily close or operating at a reduce service, the RSPCA Mallydams Wood have been closed most of the summer of 2022 but starting to reopen, National RSPCA helpline no longer 24 hours a day, this mixed with Avian Flu killing various birds along the East Sussex coast, our local wildlife is in serious trouble.

We fear that thousands of casualties are at risk of just being euthanised at local vets practices if East Sussex WRAS can't obtain more funding to expand, buy property and increase capacity. The pressure on East Sussex WRAS' staff and volunteers, to deliver our core purpose, has never been higher. Many are working long into the night to do everything they can to help. We are trying our best to compensate for the loss of facilities in the county as much as we can, but it all comes at a cost which is already eating into our funds.

Our staff and volunteers have been in tears several times after being spoken to so badly by callers who take out their frustration on us. We are just as frustrated we hate the fact we can't do more, but without purchasing our own land and buildings it going to be impossible. We are doing all we can. We really don't want to let our wildlife down and really need your help and support. This is a devastating wildlife crisis and it is happening right now.

We are one of the South East's biggest and most well established wildlife rescue organisations and help around 5000 wildlife casualties every year. WRAS has seen a unprecedented increase in calls over the last couple of months due to other rescue centres closing, some reducing their service and other neighbouring organisations becoming overwhelmed with their workload.

WRAS also takes in casualties on a regular basis from its neighbouring organisations like Bexhill & Hastings Wildlife Rescue, Brighton & Hove Wildlife Advice & Rescue Service, Folly Wildlife Rescue near Tunbridge Wells, Worthing & District Animal Rescue Service, Seahaven Wildlife Rescue. Bird Aid at Hailsham also tell people to contact us to undertake gull rescues as they don't have the resources to undertake rescues or transport gulls. Various vets in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Bexhill, Seaford, Brighton, Hastings, Eastbourne, Lewes and more have been calling on our help.

WRAS needs to expand its current facilities and improve it capacity specially to take in more gulls, coastal and sea birds, plus an improved seal holding facility. This includes having better waterfowl pens, fox and badger pens and hedgehog rehabilitation facilities and additional and better indoor and outdoor facilities. We also need bigger and better veterinary facilities to cope with the volume of operations, X-rays and surgical work being undertaken now. Everything WRAS does is led by veterinary science and compassion for our previous local wildlife. We ensure that we work within the 5 freedoms of the Animal Welfare Act and we always aim to provide the highest possible care we can.

WRAS is not at risk of closing down, but if we don't manage to purchase land and build bigger and better facilities, thousands of casualties are going to suffer and end up just being euthanised at local vets practices because no one has the space to take in the casualties and look after them.

We need another £150,000 to hit our target to make Phase One a reality of procuring a site and undertaking the necessary surveys, planning and seeking the necessary permissions. The total amount needed to set up this new Casualty Centre is not going to be cheap and the final costs will vary depending on the site chosen but the final costs are expected to be around £2-3million. We will develop the site as funds become available over the next few years.

Your donation today, will help give our wildlife a brighter tomorrow. Thank you.

You can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/eastsussexwildlifecrisis

Funds raised for our previous campaign page have be transferred across as off line donations.

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