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A wildlife charity has been kept on its toes over the Festive Period with a variety of call-outs and casualties including a number of serious incidents.

Incidents have included….

2am Christmas Day an ambulance was called out to an injured fox in Eastbourne, but found to be limping but very mobile and not in need of rescue. » Read more

A vital community service may have to be cut back due to ageing ambulances, says a local charity.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance has had one of its busiest years ever, and this has had an effect on its ambulances which are aging much quicker than expected. The charity’s  vital night time emergency service, which is already under a lot of pressure, may have to be reduced as a result. » Read more

Rescuer Tony Neads rushed to the aid of two Brown Long Eared Bats at Hertsmonceux today after they were found swimming in a bucket of cold water.

The bats were dried and slowly warmed up and advise sought from Jenny Clark at the Susse Bat Hospital.

The Bats made a full recovery and tonight, once dark, the bats were returned and released back to the wild with no permanent damage. » Read more


A bird of prey gave rescuers a good workout at a sports centre in Eastbourne tonight (Friday 19th September).  The sparrowhawk flew inside the large sports hall at Eastbourne Sports Park off Cross Levels Way Eastbourne on Thursday 18th September after chasing a starling inside. Staff at the sports hall left doors open but the hawk was not leaving so they called out volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) for help. Thursday night rescuers had to wait for the evenings sports activities to finish before they could start their rescue mission which kept the rescuers busy till midnight where the mission was put on hold till the following night. » Read more

A animal rescue charity is appealing to motorists to slow down at night to help avoid collisions with owls after a spate of 10 Tawny Owls being hit by vehicles in the past 6 weeks.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) has been called out to 10 Tawny Owls across East Sussex in the past 6 weeks all as a result of being hit by vehicles on the county’s roads. » Read more

Rescuers were horrified to be called out to a hedgehog which had been rescued by local residents after being used as football by local youths in the children's playground at Victoria Gardens in Eastbourne.

Rescuer Tony Neads from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) attended on site to pick up the hedgehog after WRAS received the call. "The poor little girl was very frightened and had a number of broken and bent prickles over her body as a result of being kicked, so I rushed the hedgehog up to our Casualty Centre for further assessment" said Tony. » Read more

WRAS Rescuer Tony Neads has rescued 13 chickens from a garden in Chiddingly near Hailsham, East Sussex. The chickens were seen to fall off a lorry going to slaughter. These were certainly not an unlucky 13 chickens!

WRAS had been contacted by a lady who had found numerous chickens in her garden since yesterday after she witnessed them falling from a lorry, thought to be heading for slaughter. WRAS stepped in after no one else seemed interested in helping and Sussex Horse Rescue kindly agreed to take the chickens on at their Sanctuary in Uckfield. » Read more