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Christmas has come early this year for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in East Sussex after members of the public have come to the aid of a cash strapped wildlife rescue charity.

Just over two weeks ago East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) had to launch an emergency appeal for help as the charity's funds have plummeted due to such a busy year help injured wildlife. As well as over £4,500 in donations being received since its appeal started, the charity has also launched a "Wish List" on Amazon which has led to numerous parcels full of gifts arriving at the Casualty Centre on a daily basis. » Read more

Wildlife Hospitals and Sanctuaries across East Sussex are full to bursting and struggling to deal with the hundreds of calls-outs which are coming in each week.

"All the main organisations we use are telling us that they are full and one centre is no longer answering it rescue line as it cannot cope with the calls and has no space left. At WRAS our rescue centre is constantly turning over casualties and farming them out to our dedicated volunteers who are doing a marvelous job but we have now dealt with over 500 more incidents than this time last year." said Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS. » Read more

A voluntary charity has been pushed to its limits after receiving calls about 69 incidents in 48 hours involving 76 casualties. Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday (3rd and 4th June) volunteer rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service has received calls concerning 69 incidents across the county. » Read more

East Sussex’s best known wildlife rescue charity is appealing for volunteers not to help with rescues, but to help behind the scenes with the organisation and running of the charity. East Sussex WRAS is looking for volunteers who love animals but who are unable to help with rescues, to get involved with record keeping, organising events and co-ordination of other volunteers within the organisation. » Read more

Sussex’s leading wildlife ambulance service WRAS is approaching its very busy spring and summer season. Already this year WRAS rescuers have been called out to over 500 incidents and answered over 100 advisory calls too. "This is higher than last year and we have dealt with almost 200 more incidents than this time last year" said founder Trevor Weeks. » Read more

WRAS is need of replacing two of its ambulances. If you could help by donating a vehicle, sponsoring a vehicle or by donating some money to help buy a vehicle would be extremely appreciated.

Our Brighton based Transit ambulance is going to need replacing as it is now costing too much to repair each year and our Eastbourne ambulance car is also breaking down too frequently and is unreliable. We need your help to replace them. » Read more

Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) was delighted after a massive £589.11 was raised at a collection held at Sainsbury’s at Newhaven.

"This is much better that any other store we have visited and has really made a difference towards keeping our service on the road" said Trevor, "the people of Newhaven and Seaford have always been very generous towards our charity." » Read more

A well known wildlife charity in East Sussex is having to introduce drastic spending restrictions because of low funds as a result of being too successful and too well known.


Over the past twelve months East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) has seen a big increase in the number of fox cubs from 6 to 18 and increase in 300%. Last year WRAS responded to 45 deer call-outs WRAS has already attended that number so far this year! During 2006 WRAS rescued 86 swans and so far this year we have rescued 56 much more than this time last year. » Read more

Approximately £2,000 worth of outdoor metal rehabilitation cages have been stolen from a rehabilitation site near Lower Dicker, East Sussex. The purpose built pens were only a year old, and are used during the busy spring and early summer periods to rehab injured and orphaned birds. » Read more